Hetalia: World Series – Episode 1

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キタ*・゜゚・*:.。..。.:*・゜(゚∀゚)゚・*:.。. .。.:*・゜゚・*!!!!

I gave up on episodics a long time ago, but for our dear albino here, I’ll make an exception…

Aha, yes. The new season of Hetalia: Axis Powers is titled Hetalia: World Series with the DVD count reset and a new ED (yet to debut). Many have speculated that the title change was to focus on other characters other than the main Axis and Allies, which we have yet to see, but they it seems that the anime staff did play with it, since there was baseball in the first episode. xD

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Aisu isn’t voiced by Saigar

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Iceland is unamused.


Useless post, but I am sad/pissed/emo/something that my favorite character isn’t voiced by my favorite seiyuu (overall, it’s still Saiga Mitsuki), but some doujin dude. ;__; I shoved my emo into everyone’s face already, but I figured, why not shove it into my blog readers’ faces too? -shot- Ahh, and today was such an awesome day too. (Huff huff I officially jumped onto the My-Kare-thing-Animate-is-milking boat.)
Iceland’s design is OK. It’s off, but there are other characters that got even more fucked up. But he’s short (shouta) and fat (since he eats his puffins) and that is something I like. To be honest, I would rather have them fuck up his design than have him not be voiced by Saiga Mitsuki (I suppose Kobayashi Yuu would be fine to a lesser extent…and we might see some APH fanart from her!). I love her voice – one that is absolutely perfect for Iceland. GDI. I kept holding onto and hoping that he would be voiced by her after the rumor that he would, and one of the reasons I made Iceland my favorite was because I thought he was (blame me for being biased).
My dream of her saying 「意味わかんない」 is shattered.
Iceland isn’t going to sound like a shouta, HE’LL SOUND LIKE A MAN.

Have a good day, people.

Hrngh I have to work on writing Bananatarou for Japanese and illustrating it and the Science labs and English homework and mah Iceland cosplay and finish the Chibisan Date translations urgh fuck I still have to catch up on my backlog and oh shit I still have to buy a gift card to order my compression shirt my gosh.

Amazing video by Piano if you read more… (Hrngh I just wanted to post that one day. You also must watch Puchi Puri Yucie if you’re a shoujo fan.)
EDIT: Also the Nordics Believe MAD. c:

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I was tired of the old one.

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Uhh, yeah, just tired of seeing Zettai Chil there and the green. :V

I swear the Chibisan wasn’t on purpose. I couldn’t find anything blue that was large and that I liked enough (on my external hard drive), so I decided to use those…and after finishing, I found the above Sora no Woto image on my desktop. orz

Mmkay, too busy to catch up on my manga and (huge) Tokyo Toshokan backlog. I has homework to do and cosplay to work on!  Oh. Uh. That cosplay part…a…ha…hahaha…hah. ;A;

Spring Anime 2010

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I was going to use some official image, but then one day, I browsed KL’s Pixiv

I am a crappy blogger.


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Nakayoshi + Ribon 2010 #4

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Sorry for the delay. I usually have these up by late Friday/early Saturday, but Kiseki woke up Friday morning to read chapter 4 of Chibisan Date and became disheartened for the whole day. Her OTP! Why!? WHY!? ;A; I thought Yuriko’s goodbye scene was at the end of a chapter, not beginning! (Also, because that one that look Seiji made.) Actually, my heart still feels heavy. Every time I think about it. I keep re-reading it too.

There’s also the issues with her ordering shit for cosplay.

Then the laziness.

So, um, yeah.

Also, Plushenko wants you to buy Chupa Chups!

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