I like vandalizing things.

September 26, 2010 at 2:46 AM | Posted in Uncategorized | 9 Comments

Oh ffff you can’t really see Ayame in older Hanabusa unless you know the character and jajaja.
I’m such a manga-elitist-purist thing.

If you can’t tell I’m on a bit of a hiatus… Junior year is like “YOU GUYS MUST LOVE HOMEWORK” and I’m still obsessing over my Pokemans (N is the best shit that ever happened in the games after ). Not to mention, I half-mangage http://kieeeeeeeeeeeeeeehimaruyahidekaz.tumblr.com/.

I really do want to post a backlog of NakaRibon posts. I still buy the magazines (I have three drawers full of them) and I read a bunch of them a while ago (they’re rather entertaining I must say) and I started blogging in my head. . n.

Aaaaaaanyway, long overdue stats and shit after the jump. I THINK YOU GUYS WILL BE AMUSED!?

Search terms! From the most searched to least. All time.

  1. yumeiro patissiere
  2. arisa
  3. kashino and ichigo
  4. sakura hime kaden
  5. ichigo and kashino
  6. youkai navi runa
  7. nakayoshi
  8. hime-chan no ribbon colorful
  9. yumeiro pâtissière
  10. kashino ichigo
  11. yaranaika
  12. yumeiro patissiere chapter 1
  13. ichigo y kashino
  14. kobato
  15. hetalia world series
  16. arisa manga
  17. yumeiro patissiere manga
  18. kashino y ichigo
  19. ichigo kashino
  20. watashi ni xx shinasai
  21. ribon
  22. doki doki tama tan
  23. kyaranaika
  24. doki doki tama-tan
  25. yumeiro patissiere kashino
  26. navi runa
  27. dokidoki! tama-tan
  28. hetalia world series episode 1
  29. yumeiro patissiere ichigo and kashino
  30. anime 2010
  31. fairy tail gerard
  32. shouri no akuma
  33. youkai navi runa scans
  34. chiyokoreito
  35. arisa chapter 7
  36. ichigo and kashino yumeiro patissiere
  37. yumeiro patissiere kashino and ichigo
  38. yumeiro patissiere recette
  39. kashino and ichigo kiss
  40. yumeiro
  41. shouri no akuma raw
  42. watashi ni xx shinasai!
  43. yumeiro patissiere tennouji mari
  44. tanizawa tomofumi
  45. fairy tail
  46. shinatty-chan
  47. hiyokoi
  48. shinatty
  49. yaranaika lyrics
  50. やらないか

Dude how do you guys come up with so many variations of Ichigo & Kashino?

My top referrer is Cookie Dough and that’s also my top click. People also happen to really like naked Rurijou. Surprisingly, the YumePati anime post isn’t #1, but after Naka/Ribo 2009 #12 by 200 views.



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  1. Oh by the way, why has no one voted for Homare and Azusa on the poll yet!? ;__;

  2. hahahahaha those characters look way better with mustaches

    i srsly still don’t get otamaro lol
    people can come up with anything when they’re desperate

    i assume you mean mangina and cock?

    • I think Otamaro’s face needs to be a new meme.

      Yeah I bet half of those who voted for actual characters based their choices on how much they liked the nicknames. Large amount of YumePati fans -> Henri/Yoh. But Mangina and Cock are tons more awesome than Tsundere!

      • It already kind of is, at least in Japan. It’s only a matter of time before it spreads to the rest of the world. Pixiv searches yield….somewhat disturbing (re:Lolwut?) results for Otamaro and his face x’D

  3. […] (Lol, Kiseki.) Andou looks funny with that ponytail, kinda cliched.  Kashino=smex. Ichigo grew some in the front, not much. And like Kiseki said- Hanabusa looks like Ayame. I love Ayame, and just… *inside giggles* LEMON LOOKS LIKE A MAN WITH PIGTAILS TO ME FOR SOME REASON and random American guy. Apparently in the last episode of season 1, KASHINO AND ICHIGO WERE HOLDING HANDS (as older people, pretty sure) AND SAYING “I WON’T SAY IT YET” TO EACH OTHER (sorry for LQ pic): […]

  4. Now that you point it out and I’m thinking about it. Hanabusa and Ayame are exactly alike! And now the hair’s the same too (which makes him look …) And junior year, huh. That must suck.

  5. …Caramel is the only one left unscathed o3o

    • Look closely. ^q^

  6. jizz

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