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Only non APH & non panel photo I have. orz

I hope you know that “getto daze” is from Pokeymanz and not Hetalia.

Let’s see…I’mma kinda tired right now. But I be blogging to keep sewing Susan company. c: Whatever I forgot but remembered will be edited in to the end of the post. && Sorry, I didn’t take much pictures. :( I wanted to take one of my friends’ table and of our manservant someone I know cosplaying Hibari and Onii-chan as Rena (Higurashi), but, um, yeah… *u* Also feel stupid for deleting the pictures of bootleg merchandise. I lav you too China.

Onto shiz about the weeaboob convention!!

Rather tired right now and not rant about how much I hate Geometry putting extra stress because of a stupid project blah blah blah. I’m actually glad I unknowingly fell asleep TBH. I couldn’t take a nap since I was at the Convention Center helping set up (I lie, not really) on Thursday. Then I had a dentist appointment on Friday, and even though I went in (from the waiting room) early, I didn’t start until after my appointment time. = 3= So I was totally watching Cartoon Network which made me lose an incredible amount of brain cells.

When I arrived, it was just about time for the Hetalia meet.

APHetalia Meet

I took two versions. I like the one with Cuba better.

Immediately when we arrive, this had to happen. :Y Left is my senpai our Shii-kun and right is our Susan Su-san. But she’s actually cosplaying a younger Italy so… Also, Susan, you’re not smiling in any of the pictures. = 3=

Of course.

The weather is good, because it’s cool, but it might rain any moment from now and lighting sucks shit. Forecast for the weekend isn’t so good either, since we’re planning a trip through Ala Moana and Ward too, I suppose. Aha, Nordics with umbrellas!

so cawaii wwwww

I had four short people I wanted to hug today. #1. (But that Italy’s kind of tall so…)

Why at such an angle...

I really wish the meet wasn’t over here. The back stairs is where all the smokers go and it wasn’t very nice. D:

Nothing unintelligent to say on this. I am hungry.

So those taking pictures had to handle other people’s cameras. :’D It was uh, let’s just say fun to switch back and forth between cameras. Tino had a stupid camera because I had to keep walking backward to get the whole picture. orz

I missed taking the part where they’re all pointing to something. D: Star Bulletin link.

I keep thinking that Fin is the one holding that knife.

Nothing to say here…

I'm running out of things to say.

I ran out of things to say.

doitsu no oppai no cameo

Tino took some time to realize I wanted her in it.


China wouldn't stop turning his fucking head.

The Japan and China on the furthermost right were two others I wanted to hug. Especially when they stood next to each other it was like, “jdfksnfkjzsdnzfjcx” I hope the Japan from last year will come as him again tomorrow. * u * (Hehe…)

I am hungry yes I am. D:

I wish I snapped it when Cuba’s eyes were wide open and he was staring at America at great intensity.

Nihon wa so cawaii deshu neee wwwwww

They did this last year too, except the Japan was a tall guy, soo…


I’m sorry, Kiku. ;__;


I just love this Igiko. ; o ; She’s just adorable! I didn’t notice that she was until I was told that she was the Chibitalia from last year. *3*

Idk, but Nihon!! *3*

I think it was a little before this that I saw Kiku and Yao standing next to each other and it was adorable.


I feel stupid for not taking a better picture. D: She was right there, in front of me. Dammit.

Prussia arrived late.


Then we went back and I discovered that I couldn’t connect to WiFi and that pissed me off and I ate even though I wasn’t supposed to eat for another hour but yeah and then I went to the Dealer’s and bought this and saw bootleg Hetalia plushies but I was stoopid and deleted the pictures from my camera and then I intently looked through the laminated posters then it turns out that they’re closing so I went back out and yeah and then I went to the ~speshul~ Japanese guests’ introduction panel.


daisaku is cawaii desuuu

The guests are: Morita Masakazu, Ishikawa Hideo, and Kishio Daisuke.

The thing was a whopping 2 hours. @_@ I got really tired but had to stand those last 20 minutes urgh. Susan (as HRE derp) went with me eheheh. They’d given us raffles for signature passes, but yeah we didn’t win any. (I already had one given to me by my dear Shii-kun senpai, but it would be nice if I didn’t go alone… o 3o) Forgot what I was going to say next. Umm…the lighting in the room was a huge pain in the butt. Flash didn’t work right with my camera, normal is too dark, and the only way to get to see something would be to up the exposure to the max on the night time scenery mode, but that’s for a tripod. >>; Anyway…wow, Kishio Daisuke is really short. ; u ; (Tilt yer head and seeeee.) I found that to be really cute. ; o ;

So cuuuute. ; u ; And best picture I took, shut up.

Outline of what I can remember (of what I paid attention to since I started getting distracted in those last 20 minutes).

  • Kishio caught a cold, so his voice is a bit… D:
  • Morita usually answered first, then Ishikawa in the middle, and lastly Dai-chan.
  • I think Ishikawa tried to break that chain by giving the mic to Kishio a bunch of times, but he gave it back and usually still went last.
  • I kind of only wanted to pay attention to Kishio, but he was sick, so the other two were…a lot more entertaining.
  • Engrish was inevitable. “I SPIIK GUD ENGURISH.” Most of it was from Morita.
  • They said “me” in English when wanting to know if the questions were directed toward them or when a seiyuu wanted another to talk.
  • Some things were generally agreed upon. “Me too.” was said a bajillion times. Kishio used it the most.
  • There were no questions at first, say, 1 hand every time the translators asked if there were any questions. I really wanted to ask Kishio Daisuke how it felt to voice an otome game character. = u = But I didn’t want to because y’know and my heart rate went up due to nervousness & etc. and Susan wouldn’t do it without pointing at me. = 3= There were a lot later on though. You know how it works.
  • I believe the first (…or second…one of the firsts) questions was about what exercises they do as warmups. Morita was, uh, very interesting to say the least.
  • I think Morita said that he met all the Ichigos (play, musical, dub).
  • When asked who they would like to play a character they voice, Morita said Tom Cruise for Ichigo, Ishikawa said someone who had a beard and had to keep the beard as Itachi, and Kishio said Julia Roberts for whatever chara he plays in Bleach.
  • DRAGON BALL. (Asked about fave roles/anime/etc. and Kishio said Dragon Ball so he kept randomly mentioning it later on rofl. Ishikawa did too.)
  • Morita has an Ichigo cosplay, but would like to do Seiya and punch his Pegasus or something. Ishikawa would like to cosplay a character he voices, but he’s too tall for all of them and he feels that it’s not right that way. The exact opposite for Kishio. (But what about Naoshi!? D:<)
  • Someone asked in Japanese if she could hug every one of them. That was stupid, I misinterpreted it as all of them hugging together WHICH I REALLY WANT NOW.
  • Asked about Bleach dub, etc. Morita was surprised how much it sounded like him. (And I like how Japanese say Johnny, really. I THINK OF EDEN NOW.) But he’s bothered that it’s said “Bankai” instead of “BANKAAAAAAAAAAAAIIIIIIIIIIIIIIIIIIIIIIIIIIIII!!!!” which hurt my ears when he yelled that.
  • Morita denies Ishikawa’s claims that he is very loud (said as urusai, so it’s an annoying loud).
  • They haven’t tried spam musubi yet.
  • (Tidus or Ichigo; can’t remember) VS Squall VS Kaname. They said Squall was cool with his gunblade and all, but in the end, it came to Kaname winning since he’s an invincible vampire. :Y (Translator said something about Squall being a figment of imagination but idk FF.)
  • When asked about the most awkward (I think) character they had to play, Morita said that it was this extremely fat teacher who sounded hot (he said so himself) who took his students to swimming and wore a um…bikini g-string swim suit. Something along the lines of very little, and making you cringe. Kishio immediately put his head down (I found that adorable ;o; it was very, very cute) and then leaned back and covered his eyes. Ishikawa kind of spoke for them both saying they both voiced many characters that were very awkward to perform (I was bugging Susan next to me, “NAOSHI NAOSHI NAOSHI”), and if they were to list them all, it would take them 2-3 hours. xD; It would be their homework lol


Lessee…after packing, I went to wait in a room for a hour, then we went up to get autographs. I was #40…and last in line. The two guys in front of me were nice and traded with me so I wouldn’t have to be last. A cute Asuka (Eva) was in front of me and we talked for a bit. ; u ; Then a little later, a stream of people came in for some reason. Idk why. && They LITERALLY only allow 100 signatures each. :I Because I couldn’t get two Starry Sky prints/posters signed, only one. (Makes me wish for that CD even more…) (According to staff, it wasn’t them who placed restrictions on the autographs. Fuck you, managers. D:) Daisaku was surprised that I knew him when I put them on the table and said, “Naoshi.” (Well, nice of me to blank out of my recited Wapanese lines. :’D) He asked where, and I said that the face was fine “kao mo ii” (but I bet it’s supposed to be “kao ga ii” I can’t think right now, but I meant it in the way as in “anywhere is fine, including the face”). The translator thought I said “kawaii” but I said, “Iie, kao mo ii. :D”


Hehe. (His handwriting is better than Himaruya’s).

But I feel so bad. I WAS SO HAPPY I KINDA BRISKLY WALKED/KINDASKIPPED OFF STAGE WITHOUT SAYING THANK YOU AND DID THE SAME TO GET OUT OF THE ROOM. orz Yeah I should’ve gotten the other two just to be polite and give it to Eri or something. But what I feel REALLY bad about was not saying thank you. ):

&& Idk now, but I got two posters for a reason. :I

“Well, someone’s happy.” Shut up security door dood volunteer guys yeah dipshit sleep dipshit dipshit.

Senpai said that I was ~*~SPESHUL~*~ since I knew Naoshi.

And I forgot my camera. I could’ve sneaked a picture… = 3=

And shit. This takes forever.

Good night/morning/w/e.

EDIT: Some things about that panel I remembered…

  • Kishio and Morita are allergic to shrimp. (How the fuck do you survive in Japan then?) Ishikawa loves the shrimp here.
  • Another moment of Daisaku adorable was when he jumped up an down. ; o ; HE’S SO SHOOOOOOORT.
  • One of the seiyuu asked where they could buy something (when asked if they…something yet). Someone answered, “Don Quijote?” and the two energetic ones were all, “DON QUIJOTE!? EEEEEEgfnmdklkh;g  THERE’S A DON QUIJOTE HERE!?” and proceeded to sing the Don Quijote song (or whatever that was). :’D
  • There was a fly buzzing around their heads. :Y


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  1. I see Starry Skyyyyyy. I want to watch it so badly but I don’t know where xD.

    Now I want a fleece hat xD. They’re so cute. I don’t get half the cosplay, though…I’m not much of a Hetalia fan because I don’t know a lot of history…and you have to know history to understand most of the jokes, right?

    I hope you remember me, Kiseki, because I wanna blog affiliate.

    Oh, and are you still scanlating Yumepati, or no?

    • You’d have to play it. :’D

      No, you don’t have to know history to understand the jokes. Himaruya often has notes after the comic (sometimes taken out in the anime) explaining the strip. The strip itself is already funny, but the notes clarify what the hell he drew. So that way, Hetalia actually TEACHES you history (he takes many liberties, of course), which makes you interested and want to learn about history, then history is awesome to learn because it’s funnier when you connect it to Hetalia, and eventually, you’ll just love history. :D
      Of course I do. You can add me to your blogroll, and you’ll go on when I uhh, get this whole mess sorted.
      rdfkdfkjsdgtk;ljsd Complications with answering that.

      • Seeing as its an otome game and you have says stuff back to them, I’ll probably insult them by picking the wrong choice -.-. What I’m saying is, I’ll have to blindly pick an answer xD. I thought they were making an anime for Starry Sky? Although it’s like…online or something…

  2. Oh god I laughed too hard at the captions
    probably wouldn’t have noticed the knife till you mentioned it
    The chicks are so cute hehe

    • Really? I thought they were pretty stupid. :I

  3. Oh shit. I hate this replying system dkjgxlfmlg oh well back to what I used to do.

    @Karin – That’s just fine. I listen to the dialogue and go for every option to see which one is the best, and I only got a true ending ONCE. D:< Go play Winter or something because it's emo and there aren't any bad endings in that.

  4. Ah–Prussia…www

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