Hetalia: World Series – Episode 1

March 29, 2010 at 12:54 AM | Posted in Axis Powers Hetalia | 9 Comments

キタ*・゜゚・*:.。..。.:*・゜(゚∀゚)゚・*:.。. .。.:*・゜゚・*!!!!

I gave up on episodics a long time ago, but for our dear albino here, I’ll make an exception…

Aha, yes. The new season of Hetalia: Axis Powers is titled Hetalia: World Series with the DVD count reset and a new ED (yet to debut). Many have speculated that the title change was to focus on other characters other than the main Axis and Allies, which we have yet to see, but they it seems that the anime staff did play with it, since there was baseball in the first episode. xD


sdhfgx,k.x;lktgrs;kjl;dk PRUSSIA!! The first thing I noticed other than his AWESOME and his super duper long legs (to hide his 5 meters a bit) was the clarity of the stream on Nico Nico. It’s much nicer than what I remembered, either because Animate decided to stream it at a higher quality or the uploader managed to find a way to make the video clearer. There were comments on LJ about the animation being better, but I’m much too slow to see a difference…

Anyway, in the manga, Prussia was pissed off at Austria, but in the anime, he cursed at the anime staff for the lack of appearances. xD; Yeah, Prussia is THAT AWESOME to break the fourth wall (after Japan, but his was…weird). And here, I can completely forgive the anime staff for the lack of Prussia in the first two seasons, since we’re pretty much going to get him for World Series. c:

The crappy thing about that is that we don’t get to see him declare his love of “Italy-chan” because of it. D:


He looks so evil here. Reminds me of the albino in The Da Vinci Code (which I am currently reading, quite slowly :D). I think I imagined a scene of him to look something like this except much less…Prussia-like. Ehe.

Ore-sama Diary Volume 128: I was so cool. And that Hungary dude is totally creepy.


I should stop with the kitas but I have nothing else to say since I just had to screencap the pint-sized awesome.

Chibi Gilbo is so adorable. = 7 =

I love the backgrounds.

I honestly wonder how old these short midgets are. I mean, Hungary’s already starting puberty…

What are colors.

Everyone expected that to be silver and green…

I give up. キタ━━━━━(゚(゚∀(゚∀゚(☆∀☆)゚∀゚)∀゚)゚)━━━━━!!

Sorry I just needed to screncap baby Gilbo with his cape flowing.


My second thought was that he’s looking more and more like an albino Easter bunny. Oh yeah, Easter is coming up…


I thought that was Poland at first, but then I saw the eyes and said, “Nah.” I checked the credits thinking that it was what-I-believe-t0-be the discarded design of Holland, saw ポーランド, thought it was indeed オランダ, then saw that it really IS Poland. I checked the manga after that. >A>; Oh boy did they screw up. Poland’s eyes aren’t like that at all. D:

Nice one Gil. Got beat up by a trap.

We still haven’t got to the good parts >of the diary< yet. = 7 = (Aka some groping and Prussia’s epic face and “chinchin” and Jesus cameo.)

"Hehehehehehehehehe... I was such a cute kid."

Yes you were.

Next was Romano and the return of “JAGAIMO YAROU!”; Romano shutting his eyes and never opening them again; Canada getting his balls smashed; America’s ENGRISH.

Also, doesn’t Lihi look adorable in the movie PV?



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  2. “in the manga, Prussia was pissed off at Austria, but in the anime, he cursed at the anime staff for the lack of appearances. xD; Yeah, Prussia is THAT AWESOME to break the fourth wall”
    —> OMG!!!! So that’s why the dialogues seem different. I didn’t understand …. so that’s what it means. THE ANIME MADE HIM MORE AWESOME!!! YESSS xD *will edit her post later…when she felt like it*


    And yess she’s cute in the pv =3

    • In the beginning, you hear him mention “anime staff.” :’D If you try listen hard enough…
      I lav her eyes so hard. *3*

      • I heard it but I thought I heard wrong (it’s not exactly common for an an anime character to be talking about the staff in RL xD haha)

  3. WOAH!!! chibi-Prussia + chibi-Poland = FANGIRL’S SQUEESSS!!!! OMG!!!!


    BTW, when will this be aired and if it was already been aired… what website can i be able to watch it?

    • Lol I knew something like this was going to happen after I saw that this was #1 on Google when you search “hetalia world series.” >w>; Oh. Not anymore. Eh. Close enough.
      It aired on Friday on mobile web, and Monday (both JST) on teh internets.
      I linked to the Nico Nico stream, although I’m not sure if it’s deleted yet or not, but here is another stream. Raw. I might get killed for this…
      EDIT: Actually, you know what, I shouldn’t have done that. Sorry. I will direct you to join the Hetalia LJ community instead if you want to, or search a video site like mad, or wait for the subs to come out.

  4. I wish they would air the part in which Prussia asked Hungary if she had a penis.

    (…lawl I remember you mentioning in a tweet someone googled “kyaranaika penis” ffff)

    I wonder what part she’s going to play in the movie.

  5. プロイセンはすごいですね..ww
    しかし、どのような”じゃないじゃんか”意味ですか? (゚ペ)?

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