I was tired of the old one.

March 14, 2010 at 3:51 PM | Posted in Blog Related | 7 Comments

Uhh, yeah, just tired of seeing Zettai Chil there and the green. :V

I swear the Chibisan wasn’t on purpose. I couldn’t find anything blue that was large and that I liked enough (on my external hard drive), so I decided to use those…and after finishing, I found the above Sora no Woto image on my desktop. orz

Mmkay, too busy to catch up on my manga and (huge) Tokyo Toshokan backlog. I has homework to do and cosplay to work on!  Oh. Uh. That cosplay part…a…ha…hahaha…hah. ;A;



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  1. oh dude
    i thought I was at the wrong blog at first
    and then it took me 6 minutes
    of retyping your damn blog title
    that I realized
    so yeah – u – i’ll reply to yo nakayoshi post
    when i am not lazy eueb


  2. Fail.
    You are Sandwich.

  3. god
    that is obviously bang SOB
    i havent talked to you in ages HGNH FAWK

  4. And Len recognizes where your ava is from.

  5. I still haven’t bothered watching Sora no Woto yet.

    lawl you changed your avatar
    …I just noticed the header above it. :’D

  6. The Sora no Woto art always makes me wonder why they used the K-ON! designs instead.

  7. How the hell did you manage to…oh. ಠ_ಠ

    I’m pretty sure it was for marketing purposes (or at least, toward the Keion crowd). If K-ON! didn’t prove to be such a big hit, I’m sure they would’ve created a character design closer to Kishida Mel’s style. GDI, it’s kind of sad sometimes to see such simple foreground to the beautiful backgrounds.

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