Nakayoshi + Ribon 2010 #4

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Sorry for the delay. I usually have these up by late Friday/early Saturday, but Kiseki woke up Friday morning to read chapter 4 of Chibisan Date and became disheartened for the whole day. Her OTP! Why!? WHY!? ;A; I thought Yuriko’s goodbye scene was at the end of a chapter, not beginning! (Also, because that one that look Seiji made.) Actually, my heart still feels heavy. Every time I think about it. I keep re-reading it too.

There’s also the issues with her ordering shit for cosplay.

Then the laziness.

So, um, yeah.

Also, Plushenko wants you to buy Chupa Chups!


I gave up on editing colors this time. :V

Shoko-tan feature this month.

Um yeah fanart. Nothing else to say.

Shugo Chara! Encore! Encore Chapter 1: Kuukai & Utau

Utau is sexy. Kuukai...not so much.

I think I said all I needed to say elsewhere. I have nothing left. Except that I didn’t get my Rimau. :c

キタワァ*・゜゚・*:.。..。.:*・゜(n‘∀‘)η゚・*:.。. .。.:*・゜゚・* !!!!!

Oh yeah. This is my favorite page.


Shugo Chara-chan!

Dia has joined the main group. = u = This chapter was like, all about shiny things.

Watashi ni xx Shinasai! Mission 11: Zutto Isshoni Itai

Ahh, according to my dear Singaporean friend Michi, Shigure says something along the lines of, “Miss Himuro, I’m sorry. I know it’s currently lesson time now, but I can’t take it anymore.” Kiseki used Google Translate and turned Yukina’s “German” (Ema most obviously used Yahoo for this) into, “Wait! We will have the pleasure, after you had solved this problem.” c: Someone on GW who knows German translated it to, “”Wait! We’ll feel like it, after you’ve solved this problem!” You know what they’re going to have.

Anyway, we’re told about Akira’s and Yukina’s past. 10 years ago, on Akira’s 4th birthday, his parents were killed in an accident. This next part is ridiculous.

My sexy finger.

Akira somehow manages to blindly run outside, crying, after told that his parents are dead. He almost gets hit by a car, but Yukina saves his life.

As four-year-olds.

With fat bodies of two-year-olds. .–.

She says some comforting words (4! 4! 4!), saying that she won’t die, and they’ll always be together. Akira took that to his heart and never forgot those words. Back to the present: Akira turns into a pretty girl. Shigure sparkles. Shigure…

…almost kisses Yukina, but Mami indirectly cockblocks. He carries the “fainted” Mami ohimesama dakko style to some conveniently deserted hallway.

o u shojo

Alright, Mami’s face was revealed long ago, but I would just like to point this out: Mami and Yukina have the same face. I thought Mami had round eyes before. I guess Ema’s style melted into a mash of Arinacchi and Kodaka Nao. :I

“Showing that kind of face to someone other than myself…even though…it’s not me…
My chest…hurts.”

Nakagawa Shouko Monogatari ~Sorairo Days~ Chapter 1: Papa to Miageta Aozora

When I first heard what the title was going to be, I laughed a little in my head. Monogatari means story, and this is Sorairo Days. Other than this being based off Nakagawa Shouko’s actual life story, it’s your standard shoujo. I suppose it won’t have any romance though. (Oh, and the bullies in this story were wearing loose socks! They’re not in anymore! I kind of like that. :V)

ARISA Chapter 15: Saigo no Number

There were so many panels where Manabe looked delicious but I decided that the picture spam goes to Kashino.

It seems that a strategy is devised to get the rest of the phones. Too lazy to bother understanding, but Manabe “betrays” Tsubasa by taking a phone…or two, idk. (He apologizes when she’s gone though.) He goes to his modern-looking large house to find his room trashed (or full of it) and returns a phone to the girl sitting on his bed. I think she is in their class. Her name is Mochizuki Shizuka, and her wish is to get revenge on Arisa. (Didn’t take picture because you can tell how she looks like if I say she has long, black hair with hime-cut bangs.)

Chiyokoreito Story 10: Daishou

Points be awarded to Chocolate for it being slightly different from her usual works. It is a square.

Princess to Mahou no Kiss Comics (The Princess and the Frog)

Ahh, this makes me want to watch the movie. == Kodaka Nao is really good at drawing in Disney style ahah. There was one thing I noticed, it’s not like it bothers me or anything (oh pfft I sound tsundere), but none of the characters in this manga are toned. As in, they’re white, manga-wise. As you can see here, not even Tiana is.

Märchen-chan Chapter 6: Tsui ni Get deshu!

Is…is it that good? :V It got the motherfucking red printed pages! RED PRINT. Sound like lead print. -shot-

Heartcatch Precure! Chapter 2

I think I’m actually keeping up-to-date with the anime, it shows just how compact the manga is. Also manga art>anime art. = u =

Youkai Navi Runa Part 5: Hikari to Kage no Tatakai / Chapter 21: Yuukyuu no Kanata he…

So Towako-sensei sacrifices herself to save four lives. :V The chapter was extremely emotional and drawn/written well. (Or at least, Runa at the end.)

Million Girl Game 8: Tomodachi no Shirushi

We finally get the title drop in this chapter. Sachi obviously beat Aki, but we find out that this “Million Girl” is to be the Shirogane Group’s first lady, aka eye patch dude’s future waifu. It seems that straight wins in this game will let you be a candidate. Awesome revelation is awesome.

Doki Doki! Tama-tan Episode 14


I’m pretty sure we all thought the cast of Kamichama Karin have some sort of secret importance to Tama-tan. Not really.

They don't look much older...

Now my question is who is Tama-tan’s mom, and around what age was Micchi when she was born? I would think that Karin and Kazune marry a couple of years after graduation, and have Suzune a couple of years after…how old is Tama-tan? How old is Suzune?


Shit colors again.

Ehh, so this month has Yuuko (aaaaaa) and Tomochin (aaa) “baking/cooking”. They’re shitty models. Seriously. Their hairstyles should have been made more practical for “cooking.” That would’ve been more moe. = u = -shot- There’s also Miichan (aaaa) making some sort of…letter thing. These girls seriously suck at modeling.

Crash! Act 2 Stage 1

bitch gtfo

The actual title of this is simply, plainly Crash!, but I would like to refer to it as a different series from the original serialization. >> This just got serialized…again. With a timeskip and new heroine. The Act 2 was one of those random Engrish subtitles, but I’mma use it.

We have your new (ugh) heroine, Sakura Yui. She’s a cute, ditzy, and a klutz, but…ugh. I don’t dislike her, but…I want Hana back. ;; She actually met Kazu when they were kids, and hey, he remembers that too.

kira kira

I kinda like how Fujiwara Yuka’s style changed. Kazu now looks even more like a shouta! -shot- You can’t believe just how cute he was during this chapter! ;q; I won’t exactly say I jumped onto the Kazu x Yui boat, but I want them to end up together, because the other choice is Rei… >>;

Agree that Crash needs animu.

Bishies galore~ Ahurr. <3


With Rei’s new hairstyle, he initially reminded me of Hoshizuki-sensei.


AAAAAAAAAAAAAAAAAAA Hana looks so pretty and mature! ; o ; Come back! You should be the heroine!

Hiyo Koi step 5

Kinda tired already. @_@ I think that’s the male protagonist, btw. With undyed dyed hair.

Hime-chan no Ribbon Colorful Chapter 7

…You know, Daichi should have already found out that Himeko can transform by now. I mean, he’s getting more and more suspicious, but come on, seriously? Also, chapter ends with Himeko meeting Daichi’s shouta rori sister.

Yumeiro Patissiere recette 19

This chapter is basically the same as episode 18, except much better (mainly due to the fact that Kashino has no ugly sister). Kashino gets kidnapped, bound, and has to cook good food for redemption or something. Oh, and Kashino looked even more rapeable in the manga than the anime. Her art keeps changing ahurr. :V


Kashino handcuffed to a bed by his mommy. www He wants no one to see him in that state (but the guys are gay for you!).

ハァ...wait, no...close enough (*´Д`)ハァハァ

Idk if this was in the anime, but Kashino is a splitting image of his mother.


Well, Chocola broadcasted it anyway. :>

There was one panel with some of the Kashino doctors drawn by an assistant. I see assistants draw background characters all the time in Yume Pati, but isn’t it a bit much? :/

Ichigo sees Kashino-papa and comments that he looks like a nice man, which he is, but Andou explains that his mother is some scary shit when she is right behind him… = 7 = ;;


They get to Kashino, who seems to be quite calm versus the handcuffed image of him they saw.


It turns out that it’s Kashino-grandpapa’s birthday. :V


See, splitting image. Of course, the whole deciding factor with the hospital and patissier thing is baking a cake like in the anime…I think. Ugly sister ugly sister can’t stand ugly sister. Cake baked. Food brought in. Relatives eat etc.


Jijii loves it of course, and tells Ichigo to feed it to him (see: Kashino & Hanabusa). However, he tells Kashino that he should become a doctor. Much to everyone’s surprise, Kashino actually agrees. Why a doctor is good, helping people, etc. etc. etc. But, he chose what he wanted to do after seeing his uncle in the kitchen. Kashino-mama tells him that it will be a hard path.

“I know that it is a difficult path, but I want to go through it.” With these words, it seems that Ichigo is admiring Kashino a little more. It seems to be respect, but will grow into liking after like, 3 volumes! d(*u* ;;


They seriously look too alike. D:

At where I believe is Andou’s place, Hanabusa and Andou tell Kashino that Ichigo was the most worried. They find the missing spirits and Strawberry with the kids, drawing in a room. I think those are ideas for the Grand Prix, and they involve rainbows. = u =)b

Natsumin fails harder than Arinacchi when it comes to anatomy.


A rival to Mumu for Mimi! This kid looks like the type whose name would be Shoutarou or something. :V There’s an adorable extra with the pets. ; u ;

Stardust Wink Star 15

I said I would say something about this, but I really have nothing to say! Uhh, blond guy is a yandere jerk or something.

Sakura Hime Kaden Chapter 16: Kaguya-hime no Ken; Sakura-hime no Ken

Okay, even I have to admit that this is gorgeous.

So, er.


Is she? I didn’t get much this time.

MOMO Chapter 20: Light in your hand

Sanari is actually Kira and Nanagi is L and Yume is cake and Momo is Mello and Ponkichi is Near and forgot-her-name is Matt THE END.

Shunkan Pink

It’s your standard shoujo oneshot, but I found the art to be absolutely gorgeous! I really like the style! SHE NEEDS TO BE SERIALIZED!! D:<

Shouri no Akuma Victory 14

not rori; it shouta

“I don’t want tou-chan to be alone. I’m gonna wear the same clothes as you!”

“…Thank you, Akira.”

Heart no Dia Love 8

…Her brother was actually intending to have sex. Then he backed off when he confirmed that Himeno liked someone. I want to kick this mangaka. SHE NEEDS TO BE KICKED.





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  1. We already (kinda) had this discussion but I was crazy and you were disheartened.

    Yuriko ;w;

    I thought there was still hope for them even though they obviously lived so far away from each other but waaaah– I want to blog about this even though it just makes me want to cry :T

  2. Shokotan manga: I don’t know… crazy idol is crazy.

    Arisa: The end was really good this month :>
    Chiyokoreito: Was actually interesting as well!
    Meruhen-chan had a volume out this month, which is maybe why it got colour pages. But the Kaichou was 50% more pervy this month!
    Yeah I kinda thought the math doesn’t really work out with Tama-tan, maybe they had Suzune a few years after they were married? Tama-tan’s only 10 though, and Micchi is older too so maybe it works out somehow.

    lol, I love YumePati, baking is such srs bsns.

  3. @Kyfni Do it!

    @Cookie Her Pixiv has guro.

  4. Boo. Hey you.
    Unfortunately, I have no access to raws nor knowledge of Japanese. I’m totally dependent on others >^<
    But what surprised me most – surprise, surprise – was Shugo Chara Encore thingy. I don't even know what that is. I was like… wait, he's, uh, 12, 13 at best. And she's, 15? 16? Scary how they just take these age gaps and throw them aside. The thing with Amu and Ikuto too. He's… 18 (because I'm JUST that stalkerish =3=) and she's in 6th grade. I'm a bit freaked out here. It's old enough for pedophilia. *headdesk*

    I totally agree with Akira and Yukina looking ridiculously stubby as four year olds. Who just happen to run out of their house to find themselves in front of a gigantic truck with blaring lights. Could this be any more of a cliche, overused setup?

    Uh, just looking at Arina's art now makes me want to gag. Gorgeous to the point of gorgeous fakeness.

    Intense <3 at the quote from Shouri no Akuma. Not everyday a father dresses up as a woman – not everyday the son decides to dress up like a girl after his father's fetishes.

    And a grand hurrah! for your lovely blogging. This way I at least stay *coughsomewhat* in touch with the manga world!

  5. Re: Cardcaptor Sakura

    I don’t care if it’s overused or not, but the laws of physics shouldn’t allow Yukina to be able to run in just at the right time, and push him far enough. =A=

    Now that I think about it, you’re right. The pages are always nice to look at, but they never convey the mood as well as other stuff I read. :I

    Flip, what are you doing!? D8 You only tweet a few times a day at most!

  6. I love the Shugo Chara encore first chapter! I really support kutau and this makes me so happy! That is my favorite picture as well!

    Oh! Chapter 19 of Yumeiro Patissiere seems so much better than episode 18! Kashino looks so cute! XD wow..handcuff to the bed. I thought the sister in the anime was a bit much…but the mom in here is coughs XD Ah! Yes! Ichigo’s respect for Kashino will turn into love~ I was wondering why Ichigo had wings when I still look at the pictures. After reading the comments…I still don’t get why. lol

  7. It will take a long time for that to happen though. Natsumin’s manga are as slow as hell, and I don’t even consider Kimi ni Todoke and most school life shoujo slow!
    Oh…it’s just there. I think it’s her imagining how the planned ideas will taste like and describing…y’know, the usual. Like flying through rainbows idk. :’D

  8. lol yea Natsumin’s manga are a bit slow. St. Dragon Girl is…>.> Momoko and Ryuga need to just get together XD XD But I also think Kimi ni Todoke is a bit slow. lol, but it a bit fast..I hope I don’t sound confusing XDD

    Oh! I see lol. I thought she was actually dress up like that for the party lol.

  9. Hey, I’m really interested on Shoko-tan’s drawings! She draws a real life Arisa! So, just curious, did she do more fanart!

  10. “As four-year-olds.

    With fat bodies of two-year-olds. .–.”



  11. @Usada Ah, that’s actually Andou Natsumi’s depiction of Nakagawa Shouko. ^^; It’s basically mangaka’s depiction of her on the left and her fanart of the heroines in each of the mangaka’s…manga. (Though I suppose she’s a mangaka too.)
    This is her Pixiv. You have to have an account to view, there are tutorials on how to register if you Google. c:

    @Lennie I LOVE YOU TOO BBY.

    And Suuichii I mean Bangu where are you.

  12. Also, if you want to see ALL of her works, register yourself as 18+ since she draws guro. :’D

    im kind of tired so it might be not as retarded as mai other comments
    anyway encores is alright i guess SOB though its nakayoshi’s way of milkin the market fffffff
    “As four-year-olds.

    With fat bodies of two-year-olds. .–.”
    mami sucks balls, though still hopin shes a hideyoshi or yandere or something sobs ; n ; the only thing keeping me reading it is the art = 3 =;;

    foook kamichama karin ;u; I REREAD THAT SERIES LIKE 5 TIMES SOB

    im disliking pretty much everything in nakayoshi now LOLHNNGH

    no million girl? mothaeffin its mai best thing in this mothaeffin phonebook magazine

    crap crash looks go good ;u; AHH I WANT TO READ IT BUT NOT ENOUGH CHAPTERS OUT ;o; “With Rei’s new hairstyle, he initially reminded me of Hoshizuki-sensei.”

    “Kinda tired already. @_@ I think that’s the male protagonist, btw. With undyed dyed hair.” AHHAHAHHAHAH hiyokoi is still the bomb

    yer obsessed with yumepati eue


    i love heart no dia HEH for the lulz = 7 =

    -goes to comment on yer anime post-

  14. You want Mami to be…I don’t even know how she can be a Hideyoshi unless you mean that new gender in Australia.
    Million Girl is right thar.

    Sandwich’s comments are the hardest shit to reply to, seriously.

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