Fatchoiiro Patissiere 19 = FUCK.

February 14, 2010 at 6:15 AM | Posted in Uncategorized | 8 Comments

Ain't Kashino just fat? He probably omnomnoms on chocolate like how Iceland omnomnoms on puffins.

After re-reading this post, I’m not sure where I was going, so here is some Fanta CMs and the Banana Song instead (because WP is a prick and won’t let me embed Nico Nico videos).

Do not watch this anime. It sucks except for this.

And I cannot get away with randomly posting videos without more shameless advertising of Ashita no Nadja.

Piano is an awesome AMV/MAD maker, isn’t s/he? = 7 =



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  1. So. Not only do I have to throw a terrorist attack..er, I mean mob, at Satelight, but them too. >:-I
    Dammit. Why throw in that scene, without making them kiss??
    Ichigo should’ve done her lolimoeclumsy trip and they would accidentally kiss, then actually see him blush. (I don’t think he could avoid blushing then >:-T)
    That scene was the main reason I got hyped up to see it ASAP. (seeing that bitch made me go meh)
    I’m not that familiar with its manga, but I’m very sure they aren’t doing things correctly. orz||
    Sigh. Anime animators=fail.
    (I was still happy that they damced the longest anyway, though. x3)

  2. I suppose that would have been a little too much since they are in public and Koshiro would be watching and it would HAVE to have those type of developing plots of “OMG THEY KISSED FANGIRLS MUST HATE ICHIGO” that type of thing or something since it’s shoujo. Drama does not work with Yume Pati. It will turn into Kitchen Princess. DO NOT WANT.
    Koshiro a bitch? B’aw, you don’t like her at all? :’D She’s one of the best and worst oujosamas I’ve seen.
    That scene at the end with the sparkles and showing Ichi dancing with all three of the guys was hilarious. Forgot to point that out.

    Hey guys! If you want to watch an anime with big fancy dresses, bishies, boatloads of dancing, good character development, and some kissing, watch Ashita no Nadja!
    Don’t read the manga though!! That crap is horrible!
    /shameless ad

    • Lol, naw, I don’t really like her :^D
      But she’s way better than Saaya in Shugo Chara!, that’s for sure.
      Yeah, Ichigo’s head would’ve been taken off. (I wonder where Koshiro was when they were dancing, anyway. She would’ve yanked right out of her dad’s grip, but whatever :D)

    • Ashita no Nadja! I started that series a few years ago but never found the last few episodes online XD.

      • That’s the problem I see with everyone about that series. I watched Nadja on Veoh during Summer Break of…2008, I think. Not every episode was subbed, but the last 5-10 or so raw episodes weren’t hard to understand even with my crappy Japanese. Now I hear that everyone can’t find them. D:

        If you’re REALLY patient or love Nadja enough (orz), the torrents of the DVD are out. They seed real slow (for me, anyway).

  3. YEA. CALL ME A LIAR. ;3


  5. I actually love the almost kiss scene. Even though I love the Kashino blushes as well, ahaha I still love the almost kiss scene. It was cute!! XD

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