Nakayoshi + Ribon 2010 #3

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I WANT CHIBISAN DATE TO ARRIVE ALREADY!! Also, shameless Gravatar plug on the right har har. Margaret links to the official HP. As long as Flash sites don’t kill your computer, I recommend a visit. c: It’s awfully cute and the music is kinda soothing (…not the right word, perhaps). A cute thing that I just noticed was that Himaruya made the little icon thing a logo of his name. Pfft. I wanted a whale instead. =3=

I also ordered Naoshi’s Seiza Kareshi drama CD. Our local crappy convention finally decided to get some good guests that the more Wapanese of us weeaboos care about (although their aim was Vampire Knight‘s popularity here). (Or at least, who I care about. Aka seiyuu. And AKB48 as shitty as they are.) :I So yes, Kishio Daisuke is one of the two special guests coming to visit and adding to the immense amount of Japanese tourists here. KK announced it on Twitter right after I finished playing Naoshi’s route in SS Autumn, so of course I was fucking ecstatic. :’D So, um, yeah, ordered the CD. (Btw, random fact: Loki = Leo – Fairy Tail; Naoshi = Leo – Starry Sky. Both voiced by Daisaku.)

Thank goodness Chinese New Year is right around the corner, because I’m broke.

Where are you Suuichi? :<

While typing this vvv, Kiseki was in an indifferent “meh” mood.


Oh gosh I have to say, I was really impressed by this cover. So pretty~ In fact, I like it so much, that I uploaded the large scale psd for you guys.:’D

Screw the other guy.

It seems that Nakayoshi is a having Bishie(s) of the month feature, with last month being some ARASHI guy and this month some other guy and this guy. I’ve seen him before. From 14-Sai no Haha. (which I only watched the last episode of lol). HE’S SO EASY TO RECOGNIZE WITH THAT MOLE ON HIS CHIN YO.

The new serialization about Nakagawa Shouko looks interesting. :>

Next month’s furoku is drawing stuff, as for this months, I’ll take the comb and leave. c:

Watashi ni xx Shinasai! Mission 10: Watashi to Date Shinasai!

oppai and leeeeeeeegs

GDI, I feel stupid for not saving the images when the preview was still up. It’s one fucking gorgeous splash page and I love how Ema drew Yukina’s boobies this time. c: Totally not fail. I’m somewhat pissed off at all the text covering her legs though. Have you guys seen the cover of volume 2? That’s also fucking gorgeous. I swear, her next manga needs to be a slice-of-life in earlu 1900s Europe with fancy dresses and shit and I’ll be happy. (For better splash pages lolorz.)

Anyway, Mission 10 is a date with Yukina. After school, they simply walk around the city, and both of them receive attention from passing bystanders. Shigure because he’s one hot ikemen, and Yukina because…couples sense her intense observation of them lol. She gets a call from Akira a little after, saying that everything is ready and wondering where she is. Yukina responds that she’s on a date with Shigure, but she’ll be going back soon. Of course Shigure gets pissed off, tells Akira off, and drags Yukina into one of those little dome things in park playgrounds (oh gawd Hawaii’s playgrounds suck D:).

art is off :(

He tells her that if she and Akira are together, he gets pissed off. Yukina kids that while he says that he’ll never like her, he actually likes her. She goes on to say that she knows that Shigure doesn’t like her, and she gives a sad face. Shigure is all tsundere and says that he probably likes her by one percent (TOTAL FANGIRLING ENSUES SHIGURE YOU TSUNDERE THAT RHYMES LOL).


What happened to her sharp eyes? I noticed she didn’t have them in some panels.

Yukina asks, “O RLY!?” And Shigure replies that it’s only 1%, with the other 99% as not-like (O RLY, Shigure? O RLY!?). He says that she doesn’t like him either, but Yukina is still in uber moe mode, and cutely says that she likes Shigure too. (FFFF IF THIS EVER GETS AN ANIME, SHE NEEDS TO WIN THE SAIMOE, SRSLY.)

I'm sorry, but I find his reaction pose hilarious.

She goes on, saying that she used to like him 1%, but now it’s probably 2% (oh my…this girl is dense). STOP BEING SO MOE DAMMIT. ;o; Shigure is staring at her, so she comments and they both look away, then they share glances and go adorably flustered. Someone please tell me there’s a 2ch kao for moe. I need it.

Ema loves to magically bring them close together and pull them far apart, doesn't she? So inconsistent lol.

Akira finds them just as they were having their moment, and drags his cousin away. Shigure has some weird, slow reaction and comes out of the dome when they’re already pretty far away. But someone pulls a “Da—re da?” on him. Guess who? c: (I feel like digging up furoku to scan those playing cards with her on it, but…wayy too much furoku to dig through to find. :’D)

Back at home, Akira is being sexy-looking and takes off Yukina’s glasses. She shuts her eyes, but he tells her to clearly look at his face.

At last, Lilia’s ice heart has been reached…


Hatsukoi Lunchbox Chapter 4: Wakare no Mae ni

The usual. Yes, there’s a usual now.

What I don’t understand is how all the guys are attracted to Sae because she’s cute, but not to the other girls with her. I thought this week’s girl was really pretty. :I They all look the same though, with only variations of smaller / larger eyes, slightly longer faces, and different hair. Still, kudos to Kodaka Nao to letting us be able to tell her characters apart without trying, unlike a certain Arinacchi…

ARISA Chapter 14: Yami to Hikari

I want to give Andou Natsumi CG lessons. :I

Tsubasa bumps into Manabe (we missed you). She finds Oosawa, and we learn that his wish is to make Asai blind or something. He’s majorly pissed off that she called him gross (…suck it up you wimp, you are gross). Just as Tsubasa calls out to her, a baseball comes crashing through the window. Tsubasa tries to protect her, but while her arm is scratch by glass, Asai’s crying blood. The normal panic & confusion, etc. happens. Stalker dude yells out loud how awesome the King is, blah blah blah, I’m feeling indifferent again. :( Tsubasa pulls him by the collar and yells at him, scolding and shiz. Manabe pulls her back, and…

Go ahead, fangirls.

Seaweed-kun makes Oosawa “disappear”. The class is pretty stirred up from Oosawa using Midori’s phone.

On a rainy day, Tsubasa and Manabe are talking outside on the steps. She hears some girls talking about Asai, and blames herself for taking Midori’s phone. Midori comes by to see her with his phone, but Manabe says that he took it. Then Forehead says that it has nothing to do with him, and drags Tsubasa away. He says that lately, Arisa’s been a little weird, and tells her that she call tell him if anything is wrong. That he is her ally. Tsubasa tells him that there is nothing.

In response to that, he tells Arisa that he isn’t her number one, but Manabe is (…cue the fangirls?). He begins to walk away, but Tsubasa (as Arisa) yells, “Arisa loves Midori-kun more than anyone else!” Note that she used “Arisa” instead of “I”. We can’t do that in English. c: He tells her that it’s impossible to believe her.

In the hospital, Tsubasa goes all emo because she (and the King) have just been hurting people. Takeru-oh-so-conveniently comes in to give her a call from a teacher who tells her that Asai is fine thanks to her. Oh, and Seaweed-kun is also conveniently in the teacher’s room. Creepy eye desu. c: Rest is stuff I didn’t bother reading, but Midori has the other two cell phones with the passwords, and flips open one of them to the Secret King’s Room…

Shugo Chara-chan!

This month had collaborations drawn by other mangaka.

Shugo Chara-chan ni xx Shinasai!?



Chiyokoreito Story 9: Omoide wo Sagashite

As the title implies, Chii and Rei go to places to get him to get his memories back. Rico finds them, gets pissed off, pushes Chii off…something. About to get hit by a car. Rico saves her.

At least this after car crash scene isn’t ridiculous like Fly-High’s with Meru in a pool of blood. :’D

Youkai Navi Runa Part 5: Hikari to Kage no Tatakai / Chapter 20

…Tai is in love with his furry. =3=

Doki Doki! Tama-tan Episode 13

what is this i don't even

I have no idea why, but she kept making this face throughout the chapter.


Yukirin and Sae were so cute in their feature. ; o ; (I say that about all the girls though. orz)

Next month has a “new” serialization…under the title of Crash!. :/ I really don’t know how to feel about this. I like Crash, but now they replace Hana (she’s still there, but) with a new heroine Yui, and descriptions imply that the ikemen might fall in love with her. I hope this isn’t something to get Rei to go with someone. = A = Hana ended up with no one when the original serialization ended.  I was satisfied with that, since if she did end up with anyone, it would be Kiri. :I And I support Rei with her (they both like her though). I…don’t know now.

Also, this month’s furoku was shit, so is next month’s. Tiny tote bag with meh colors. = 3 =

Stardust Wink Star 14

Her lines are so thin! *A*

MOMO Chapter 19: Sayonara no Mori no Naka de


Old lady dies; Ponkichi headbutts Momo; Momo becomes un-brainwashed for a moment, then faints.

Hiyo Koi step 4

So feckin' kyuuute. ;u;

Sakura Hime Kaden Chapter 15: Utsukushikunai Mono Nante Subete Kiete Shimaeba Ii no ni

This is such an amusing read. I love it. :’D

Cover is Aoba and Sakura kissing. The results poll for popular characters (or something, not sure what) are as followed: Sakura-hime, Asagiri, Rurijou, Arinacchi, Kohaku, Kai, Aoba, Fujimurasaki, Hayate, Enju, Shuri, Maimai, Ukyou, Oumi, Byakuya, Chuunagon.

Maimai's weapon of choice is toilet paper. I am NOT kidding.

Sakura gets to see the whole battle from a crystal ball. We see bunches of panchira here and there from Maimai. Is that a loincloth? ARINACCHI YOU CHEATER.

Rurijou has no butt. The length of her legs are 3x the length of her torso.

What is this I don’t even. D8

We learn about Maimai’s past, and in the end, he uses boku. Ffff.

Yumeiro Patissiere recette 18

Natsumin seems to be abusing Ichigo’s magical ability to have curly hair lately.

OMG SHOUTA FRENCH BISHIE AND THAT ADORABLE RORI!? *A* So tempted to steal Tennouji home. :'D

Loli Tennouji is so kyuuuuute. ; o ;

There are random team ups for the Christmas party…thing, and Team Ichigo is teamed up with Team Tennouji. c:

Also this.

I’m too lazy to read through the bulk of the chapter, which is Ichigo making a perfect pancake for a little girl. :’D I wish I weren’t, because “yume” has been mentioned numerous times. :I

Oh yeah, while walking outside in the school at the end of the chapter…

Yeah. They always warn the girls to watch out. RIIIGHT.

Kashino gets kidnapped lol. Reminds me of the preview for next week’s episode. :’D

Hime-chan no Ribbon Colorful Chapter 6

So ehh. Erika is transported back to the Magic Kingdom, with Chappy the talking bird, yes bird, not broom greets her. This I don’t mind. Erika’s butler is still the same…I think. I can’t remember. :’D The awesome mustache is still there though. Himeko goes running around for Erika or something, and bumps into… dissapointed.

Daichi’s little sister Fuumi. I AM DISAPPOINTED I WANT MY SHOUTA SHINTAROU BACK. ;__; This loli isn’t even that cute, unlike Shintarou. ;A; They genderswapped Hime-chan’s siblings, but her younger brother isn’t in kindergarten, but looks like he’s in a higher grade elementary school. :I So what is the point. Dammit.

Daichi (& Himeko)’s special place was an unused house in the original series. I suppose things like those don’t exactly work out in modern society anymore, so now it’s an abandoned school building. She hid herself in there, freaking out, leaving Daichi to find her in a random classroom. He asks his fake if (s)he is Obama (sorry my brother was watching something on his iTouch behind me), but lawl. I mean, Himeko, but “Himeko” bursts in at that very moment.

Shouri no Akuma Victory 13

Akira sleeps over, in the same futon lol. Tanakamori papa comes in to see their angelic faces close together and thinks it’s cute. :’D He shows Akira Asami’s naked baby pictures (I spy…her holding the Indian flag) the next morning, which she snatches back because he shouldn’t be showing guys that lol. Her wimpy dad remembers the night before, and tells him to get out. His daughter then gives him a good scolding (such a wimp lol), with Akira bursting back in. Tanakamori papa allows him to hide in the closet, because Akira’s trap daddy is outside. Her reason for coming there was to give them money. She says that she approves of Akira & Asami’s relationship, and wants Akira to return to being a boy.

Harete Konya

What happened to Mochida Aki’s art? :/ I didn’t read the oneshot well. Didn’t care.

The Omoide Konpeitou tankoubon is being released soon, another work of hers. I’m tempted to order this. I thought this was a linear series at first, but from the picture on MU, it seems that it is a series of oneshots all revolving around this brand of konpeitou that helps with love or something (idk I don’t remember). I read Omoide Konpeitou: Takeover Zone in the one (special) Ribon Special I have and I loved it. I forgot what I loved about it, but hehe. I still think it’s good. :’D

Heart no Dia Love 7

Himeno gets picked up by this nice ikemen idol who tries to make out with her, then cockblocked by her two childhood friends. At home, she takes off all her clothes except for an underdress that you can’t see through. My gosh I want to kick this mangaka in the ass. Her brother comes in without knocking (dude) to get his math reference book and she’s all flustered and embarrassed and shiz. THIS GIRL WANTS TO GET FUCKED OR ELSE SHE WOULDN’T BE THINKING ABOUT IT ALL THE TIME. =__= Her brother tells her that dad called and he wouldn’t be coming home tonight. It ends with her brother asking, “What should we do…?”

So what. Her brother is going to rape her? Why does she even have that suggestion in her mind? You honestly thought of the possibility of you having sex with oniichan? *siiiigh*




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  1. Haha I don’t read too many shojo mangas but they always seemed interesting in a way XD
    I’ll be sure to recommend those to some friends of mine, or maybe I’ll secretly read some too :P

  2. You’re fast. xD

    Not all of them are good. Some are just amusing to blog. But I recommend Watashi ni xx Shinasai!, ARISA and MOMO is also popular, I guess. c:

  3. The covers of both are so purdyy. *A*

    I love your avatar. Margaretttt (xSeiji?) c:

    Ehh at least Sakurahime still has pretty background details. I find that I don’t really look at the characters anymore, ’cause like you said, you can’t tell him apart anyways. Also why do you still read Heart no Dia. Just skip it -w-

    • Maybe it’s because they both have awesome CG? c:

      Himaruya updated his index with a new image. It’s not the APH Christmas one anymore. “HOSHIT IT’S BEAUTIFUL.” And thus, it happened.

      I never notice the backgrounds. orz I should though. They are really nice.

      Idk, because that mangaka very prolific (have you seen her studio?), and I’m wondering why? GDI, it sucks so hard though. :I

  4. I fucking love this :D Your humor is at it again!

    Shugo Chara-chan – I was like WTF??? What IS that?? WHO is that?? lol

    Is that a real life bishie? Because he is not appealing.. whatsoever. He looks more squeamy girlish than I thought bishies were supposed to look. But hey, what do I know? It’s not like I see many Asian guys, let alone hot ones, here in the East coast. *dreamy sigh*

    Ah, WxxS is amazing. And you said her boobies (<– LMAO!!! pffft) were drawn nice. And a harem going around her. Danggg that girl has it! Cute cousin and hot school prince all after her. Why are these girls so lucky??! (oh wait, it's shoujo manga and they just happen to have found amazingly cute guys. Forgive me.)

    And Arisa. What the hell is going on. What happened to finding the King??? This should be a short series, else it will turn sour and rot. It's already starting to get moldy.

    Arisa = </3

    Momo = <3

    Sakurahime Kaden = </////////////3

    Sakurahime Kaden has already gone down. Arina's art… is pretty and gorgeous but incredibly FAKE. Fingers, toes, body bending, proportions, you name it. Never got truly annoying until the plot did, too. *sigh*

    Ahhh, I could revive myself from that vortex called SCHOOL and live because of your amazing blog. ILOVEYOUFOO!

  5. lawl Ema Toyama fffff

    man I have completely no idea what is going on in Nakayoshi anymore

    You haven’t received your copy yet? :<
    I see that you saw the new picture of Margaret too, ahaha

  6. @Sooty Really. I feel that this is extremely unfunny. :I
    Ahaha…hah. :’D *glomp* I miss you. ;3;

    @Kaede I stalk Himaruya’s blog for like, 5 times a day. d(= u =)b

  7. – WSnXX…. idk how does Ema get away with such borderline ero covers? but still amazing cover *_*
    – Amy Winehouse in Tama-tan is one of Yoi’s (black bunny ears-kun’s) assistants, she’s pretty much crazy (but who in DD! Tama-tan isn’t crazy?)
    – Shugo Chara-chan crossovers are love… Enma Ai chara-nari’ed with Eru…. xD
    – heart no dia…. idkevenknow…
    – why in issue 3 is yume pati still running a christmas story…? (I haven’t read it properly yet so maybe there is a reason….?)

  8. They had a Halloween event that dragged on for a few chapters, and a Christmas event is obligatory (the last month was Henri’s comeback, so…yeah).

  9. well that would make a lot of sense

    shit I haven’t seen the full picture of Margaret
    where the flip is the picture located
    no wait, where is the index of the main site

    I am so confused now


    Kaede is stupid.

  11. why yes I am

    Thank you very much. :D

  12. Hey
    Thanxx for the spoiler XD

    Btw, can you please show me the link to read the preview of Nakayoshi and Ribon, like you mentioned here “I feel stupid for not saving the images when the preview was still up”?


  13. There aren’t any Ribon previews anymore, save for the first chapters of some series and the first chapter of a selected manga volume [for a selected manga series]. Shueisha used to have the first two pages up for series/oneshot each magazine they publish, but then they decided to be unfair and the old s-manga hasn’t updated in months.

    As for Nakayoshi, I’m sorry, but I don’t know. ^^; After Nakayoshi moved their site, I usually click a link someone posts on Twitter or Guardian’s Wish.
    And I forget who usually tweets them. = u = ;

  14. hi, sorry but i notice you don’t talk too much about Stardust wink in your monthly ribon magazine note, you don’t explain what happens in it or just says some lines about the chapters and what’s going to happens. i’m very fan of this manga, and i really want to know what’s going to happen to Anna and the others. Please can you write something for me. please(T.T) this serie is not out in my country please(T.T). Thank you…(and sorry for my bad english…)

    • I’m sorry. ;~; It’s just that I don’t particularly care about Stardust Wink. When I skim Ribon, I go over it real fast so I don’t get much out of it. :/ I’ll try to post some spoilers this time…
      I simply don’t have anything to say. D: There are a bunch of series that a skip every month, and they vary.

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