Nakayoshi + Ribon 2009 #12 (sc! = butt touching)

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Wah…I take too long. D:

As usual, I am tired like shit when I do these so please ignore any typos or really unusual comments or whatever.

If something is not there, then I did not bother reading it. Sorry.


DSC02285The cover is purty. *A*


I did not notice Ikuto until the 5th time I stared at this.

The mangakas did Christmas cards and nengajou, basically. I really like how everyone colored it traditionally (save for Hanamori Pink and Koge-Donbo*). My favorite is the Ikuto one (the chibi Amu in the corner is really cute).

Hatsukoi Lunchbox Chapter 1: Lunchbox ni Kokoro wo Komete


Kodaka Nao's lines are always so clean. ;w;

It’s a cute series so far, and I really like how they have SHIORI (the one behind the recipes and stuff) as a character in it. They included how to make the bentou (which really looks like an ass to do so I wouldn’t give a crap as long as there’s a lot of good tasting food) after the chapter. I have a bad feeling that it will take the Yume Miru Angel Blue path and have some girl/friend that has love issues so the main character will want to help and she’ll need the help of the her love interest and his older sister (oh shit…WHY DOES IT SEEM SO SIMILAR NOW).

Idk. The Magical Dance manga was…really Disney and kind of (really) sucked. I only have the third tankoubon of Kirara Princess, but I liked that…I’m just not setting my expectations too high for this series for now.

ARISA Chapter 11: Number Shouyuusha

Right now I do not understand why I can’t find any picture of ARISA 11 in my media library but I guess I deleted it or something. :/

Summary here.

So the pattern is that she keeps making a character really suspicious then makes them innocent. Right now, Manabe, Mariko, and Midori are all “cleared”, but I think she’s going to pull one on us and make them suspicious again. orz The guy at the end kind of had hair like Manabe’s, so, um…yeah.

It could be Takeru (yes I am firm on this) secretly transferred into Arisa’s school or Andou Natsumi (yes I am also firm on the mangaka being the King shutup) after a sex change. Just know that she loves playing mind games with us and is currently cackling evilly.

Poll Results

Arisa 5% (3 votes)

Tsubasa 4% (2 votes)

Manabe 2% (1 votes)

Mariko 5% (3 votes)

Midori 22% (12 votes)

Takeru 7% (4 votes)

Shiori 2% (1 votes)

Some random creepy classmate 2% (1 votes)

Russia 7% (4 votes)

Huh? 5% (3 votes)

I don’t care. 7% (4 votes)

Lu–Lelouche 18% (10 votes)

Kiseki is a poll whore. 11% (6 votes)

…I completely forgot about the BURGER KING. (Who is scary shit yo.)

It is late and I am making Burger King jokes. Wao.


Iggy (England) makes even more disturbing commercials! Link!

You know who I think the King is now.

Shugo Chara! Chapter 46

Ever since the 2ch spoilers were translated, I couldn’t get over Yoru touching Amu’s butt. Srsly. While most had the image of Yoru pulling on her skirt. I thought he was under. I WAS RIGHT.


It looks like Hikaru is pulling Kairi's jacket but his reaction is strangely similar to Amu's...

The amount of Kairi in this made it awesome.

"I sense many doujinshi from that scene about to be made..." - Anon Black

"I sense many doujinshi from that scene about to be made..." - Anon Black

Watashi ni xx Shinasai! Mission 7: Shitaiyou ni Shinasai!



Uh…boobs don’t work like that. :/ They’re uh…not that defined when wearing shirts like this. *slaps tooyama-sensei with fish*

Stuff happens, Akira decides to kiss Yukina. Shigure sees. Shigure gets pissed.



Shigure runs away. Yukina runs after him. More stuff happen (sorry I’m lazy right now).

DSC02301More stuff happens. He calls her cute and pulls her to him.


Doki Doki! Tama-tan Episode 10


So we have The Peanuts, idkwhosthat, and...Lynn Minmay...?

Tama-tan wants to become an idol. :U



Koge-Donbo* included a bunch of references but I was really happy that she stuck AKB48 into there too. They’re a growing trend now. <3 (Btw I think those are just random members.)


And I said it couldn't get anymore chibi... :/

So, um, Tama-tan debuts with a single called “Usamimi Short Cake”. Seriously? The song isn’t that good.

You can listen to it here.

Boyfriend Chapter 9: Hatsusen

Hourai’s…father? wants him to transfer, but he doesn’t. He beats him up. Hijiki barges in. He hits her. Their uh…determination fixes everything and the dude treats her. Okay. Why hasn’t this ended yet? D:

Youkai Navi Runa Chapter 17 – Part (idkwhatthatcounteris) 4: Hi wo Fuku Mamono



They should include shippy scenes and Tai in general more often because he’s the only reason I bother. >:U

DSC02317Of course I was being a rabid fangirl.



This one is prettier than Nakayoshi's.

I rather liked the cover. =w= The gold printing on it is really nice.


Hiyori is adorable. =w=

I like Nakayoshi’s better.



These…things are usually really scary, but the extra large eyes make it scarier. (Sorry I’m really dead right now.)

Hiyo Koi step 1


...It's actually a really big exaggeration.

I’m kind of really dead right now, so I don’t feel like typing much anymore. It’s cute, but I’m kind of bothered by how the eyes are drawn. They grew smaller since the himawari series, which I don’t mind, but since they grew smaller, it does look as right from the kinda-side view because she likes to draw the eyes really wide apart. :/

Yumeiro Patissiere recette 15


Fuckit I'm hungry now.

They’re going to have a special cookbook out on the 1st. /hungry


Obligatory image.

Team Ichigo’s savior Andou tells them that they’ll be doing apple pie for the Halloween event (yes it’s kinda behind, that’s why there’s the omake) and they proceed to do their research and taste testing. Stuff happens. While they’re walking around seeing the preparations for the festival, they see Rumi and her giant cookies…

I would absolutely love to get a stomach ache from eating that.

I would absolutely love to get a stomach ache from eating that.

From the chapters 3-5 I’ve definitely really missed something. @_@ There’s another girl that I’ve never seen before. I think she’s in the anime…I think.

The apple pies look delicious okay I’m reaaally hungry now.


If this focused more on romance I might start calling him Syaoran. -shot-

It’s cute how whenever he says something good about Ichigo, he slightly blushes, then she points it out, and then he gets flustered. Fuwa Fuwa~

Natsumin is kinda giving Rumi a larger role after the anime started. Hah. I kinda wish this focused less on the food and lolscience and a bit more on relationships (but not to the point of Kitchen no Ohimesama because that was 75% loldrama lolnarm) now.

Anime news: Tennouji Mari will be voiced by Kitamura Eri. Koshiro Miya will be voiced by Yahagi Sayuri. I haven’t really heard Kitamura as anything save for Aquarius from Fairy Tail. I only remembered how “ORYAAAAA!!” sounded like though. Also Seira from Mermaid Melody, but only her singing voice (stopped watching where Lunar stopped subbing). AH THE NOSTALGIA. As for Yahagi Sayuri…Mashiro Rima. Okay I can hear the bitchy oujo-sama part, but Rima’s voice is made too high and moe for me to judge. I really don’t know what to expect.

The anime doesn’t seem to be plunging into fillers yet. Like I said, I don’t have some chapters. I don’t know if episode 3 was filler or not, but episode 6 isn’t (I see Ichigo thinking about Ringo a couple of times in the manga). Pretty sure episode 8 is a filler though…oh wait. *doesn’t know anything anymore*

Yumeiro Patissiere Bangaihen


30 seconds later this cute girl merged with a tree.

Basically, Ichigo gets lost and meets Marie Lucas. Ichigo and Vanilla are pretty hungry, so the girl gives them a madeleine. She recognizes it as “Marie Reine”. (マリーレーヌ…not too sure how to romanize this.) Ghost of the founder of the academy… :’D

We then get to hear the backstory for her. She used to be a (literal French) maid and then the Sweets Spirit Princess (OH SO HER NAME IS MARIE REINE!? …gotta look up French names sometime soon) visited her…


Chibi Queen is cute. *w*

…To eat? Idk. Marie gave her more food and stuff. They grew this bond in which Marie Reine was like a little sister.

DSC02340When Marie Reine becomes queen, Marie congratulates her. The Queen tells her that since she took the throne, she can’t come to the human world again and it will be their last time seeing each other. She asks if there is a wish or dream she could grant. Marie’s dream is to make lots of sweets and to make everyone smile from eating them. After wards, she opens a small shop that (the only one that) was saved from air raids (WWII). However, they never met again, but Vanilla tells Marie that the Queen was very busy, and when she was finally able to get to the human world, she was only able to visit her grave.

Kashino runs out to drag her back in and the ghost of Marie disappears.

MOMO Chapter 16: Bonsachi no Ongaeshi


I kept staring at this trying to undertstand the meaning.

Momo and the plushie passed by the original owner in a park, she fought to get it back, but ripped off the arm. Yume sews it back for her and tells Momo that she’s kind/gentle/nice. When it was time to destroy planets, she said she couldn’t because a kind Momo cannot destroy them.

DSC02343Also, Sakai Mayu will have something published in Jump SQ. I really hope someone will scanlate this. There’s a high chance for it to be.


DSC02344The pets really should have their own strips more often because they’re frickin’ adorable. *A* Chapter ended with a cute cliche Christmas scene for Andryu and Choco.

Hime-chan no Ribbon Colorful Chapter 3

There’s so many things I want to say about this. About how it really does not live up to the original. *sigh* Daichi was pretty mature in Hime-chan, but he’s pretty childish…and dense in Colorful.

Daichi just thought Tetsu liked girly things. =__=



AAAAAAHHHHHHHHHH!!!!!! <3 Now that’s what this crappy series needs. It was Himeko’s usual waking up late and stuff. The rumors had started, but it wasn’t like the first series where it was because they stared at each other (for what reason I forgot why) while in this, it’s just because they’re late to school together.



What should I say? Hibino got prettier? (She wasn’t exactly ugly in the first place, just had ugly hair.) More stereotypically fangirly bitchy? *sigh* Bitches were apparently not a big part of life 20 years ago or something. How stupid did we grow in  20 years? Hibino obviously uses makeup seeing that she’s tons prettier than Himeko…but…the only thing I feel like doing right now is sighing about it. All the characters in this series save for that teacher with the mustache are good looking in some way. Icchan in the first series had glasses and…oh hay I just noticed that none of the characters wear glasses. Either way, Kiseki is tired right now and you wouldn’t want a tired choppy lecture on why school population 20 years ago is better than it is now yada yada yada.



Hime-chan transforms into Manami (MANAMI!? THAT’S MANAMI!?) to tell Hibino that Nonohara Himeko DOES NOT like Daichi yet. Hibino interprets that as she DOES like Daichi. Himeko gives up (lol).


"Be careful, Mori-san. This guy is probably gay."

And that’s Hibino, Manami, Tetsu, and Daichi.

Himeko-transformed-as-Manami drags herself to the restroom, and just was Daichi was going to ask where Himeko is (they were late so they have to…what the hell is he doing), Manami from upstairs notices him and greeted him goodbye.


Fangirling over Daichi.

Of course, Nonohara Himeko comes out of the restroom instead of Manami.

I really wish they would’ve waited for its 20th anniversary or something, then have the original mangaka herself, Mizusawa Megumi (she’s still working) redo the series. That way I won’t complain that much it would be much more pure, like all of her stories are. Too bad she has Kira Kira 100% (which doesn’t seem to have a plot so I don’t understand why it hasn’t ended yet) being serialized in Cookie right now. :/

Heart no Dia Love 4

What was with those sex allusions?

Sakura Hime Kaden Chapter 12: Mou Hitori no “Sakura-hime”

I found the splash page really cute.


I would've thought that she's Kyouko if not for the yin-yang.

Maimai tells Sakura that Rurijou is Enju’s lover and not to get too close or something. Or she’ll kill her.

EDIT: And after I thoroughly skimmed it, MAIMAI’S A TRAP. :U


VIPER'S A GIRL. -shot-

“The same face as me…same voice…same body.”


Ihr Name ist nicht Viper. Es ist Rurijou. Ich sprach über etwas anderes.

Hurr Google Translate hurr.

CRASH! stage 32

Crash! got back together, and they thanked Hana in a really d’awwwing way. ;w;


"While I was gone, which one of you confessed to Hana-chan? :D"

I want to hug them for being cute. Srsly.


I'd do the same as you, Hana-chan.

Owari. WAIT, WHAT!? Owari!? ;A; Ah wells.


DSC02371I like Nakayoshi’s poster calender. =w= They have all the dates for when Nakayoshi comes out for the whole next year. (They provided stickers to stick on for birthdays and dates and stuff.) Then pen is obvious fail, and although I never opened the package for the trump cards, I’m sure they’re high quality.



On the other hand, Ribon was kinda disappointing. The bag is cute and all, but tiny. :/

And I am done. Dead too. Good night…morning. Whatever.



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  1. Who is this ‘SHIORI’ I still don’t understand (ToT) What am I missing?

    Also Yukina’s boobs wtf. You’re not writing a shounen manga now Tooyama Ema.

    Also those anime costumes things shouldn’t be allowed =_= I remember they did it for Tokyo Mew Mew as well… it’s just not right.

  2. My God! YumePati makes me hungrier and more of a fatty than I already am. Damn you cooking mangas for always having food that tastes so damn good!

    Tooyama-sensei is really exaggerating more and more on Yukina’s boobs. Lol.

    So Sakai Mayu’s having a new series in Jump S.Q.? Does it say what it’s going to be called, or is there news to come?

  3. @Cookie SHIORI is this bentou maker who is only 22 and has a cookbook out idk I didn’t read her profile clearly (it’s on the splash page). Kodaka Nao’s design of her was pretty much exactly like the tiny picture on the splash page. xD
    I saw this one picture with a whole row of them sitting on a train. *shudders*
    @Rin It seems that they replaced the recipes at the end with animu news though. ;A; Beh.
    I don’t think it provided the title. The one on the left of it is called Cinderella something, but the title wasn’t provided on that page. (Or I didn’t look hard enough.) But I think it will be out when the volume that comes out on December 4 comes out.

    • It’s going to be a continuation of Clematica Kutsuten from Ribon Fantasy as a oneshot series. We’re totally snagging that being the huge Sakai Mayu fans we are. Already got Ribon Fantasy on the way. (゚∇^*) テヘ♪

      • Ooh. I look forward to your guys releases then! ヽ( ゚ ヮ゚)ノ


  4. […] As Kiseki already mentioned in her blog post, there’s going to be a cook book *o* I’ve been trying to get the ISBN to special order it but no luck so far ToT I’d really love to have it xD It looks like it it has the chocolate roll cake recipe from episode 5 in as well ^o^ […]

  5. Takeru is definitely the king I CONCUR
    I clicked that disproportional Yukina boob shot, to see if there was a higher resolution. I was not disappointed.
    FFFFFFFFFFFFF I am actually desperately hoping someone is going to scanalate that Hiyo Koi series ;A; I loved the himawari one ;;
    That momo cover tells the true meaning of life ( I think she just got tired of making color pages lawl )


      I actually took everything in 3M this time and resized it so it was originally huge okay now let’s all stare at Cookie’s scans. 8D

      It’s really cute. ^^ It doesn’t have much of a plot though…

      Flamingos are the true meaning of life…gotta write that down somewhere.

  6. I hate how wordpress doesn’t have a reply button for more than 5 comments…

    HAL? (゚ペ)?

    • Lol. xD

      The oneshot by Makino Aoi with the girl with green hair and holding a cross.
      If it’s good, scanlate it. >:U (Uh, this seems more like a command than a request…)

      >Kiseki loves Makino Aoi and is waiting for her to get serialized in Ribon. Hurr.

      • Ohh, I didn’t realize you were talking about Ribon fantasy LOL. I’ll see if I can arrange an editor for that. :q

  7. Yay! 8D

    ありがとうね!! ヽ(´▽`)/

  8. *A* The cover is so awesome~ Yukina is so purdyyy…

    Aww, the cards are cute too. Ikuto looks pretty mad, but still good. xDD And chibi Amu is adorable.

    I lol’ed when you were talking about the Burger King. But I totally agree. He IS scary. O.O

    I love seeing Kairi again. *u* But HOLY– Yoru really was in Amu’s skirt?!! O.O I think we all know that doujinshis are definitely bound to pop up. Hopefully no new crack pairings pop up…

    Umm…why do I get the feeling that Watashi ni xx Shinasai! is looking more ecchi-er? >.> What the heck is up with the defined, bewbs? *slaps Tooyama-sensei with you* That’s just…not right. O.o
    Huhuhu~~ the scans look good. I want to catch up on WnxxS! now. *shipping giggles*

    OAO Those giant mascot thingies scare me. And agreed that giant eyes make it even worse. Some things aren’t fit (well, most things) to be mascot-y thingies. Ichigo…is one of them.
    Omg, YumePati with a cookbook?! *drools* Can’t wait for it~
    D’aww, the blushing is so cute! XD I love seeing him blush like that too. It makes me go into my small shipping giggles.

    And the calendar is love~ It’s so pretty~ But I think I’m dumb or something, because I still don’t know what “xx me!” means, but it sounds dirty. O.o

    • Watashi ni xx Shinasai!…to break down the translation, watashi means I/me. Shinasai goes something along the lines of [please] do. Or a command to do something. Ni is a particle, and the xx is a blank space to fill something in. The translation can go something along the lines of, literally, Please do xx to me!. To make it smoother, it could either me Do xx to me! or Please xx me!. The official translation is a simple and smooth on that doesn’t deviate from it’s original meaning. :U Unlike us idiots before… orz

      • I guess I guessed it right before after all. >.< I figured it said Please do xx to me! or something along the lines of that, but I didn’t get what exactly the “xx” part is, actually. So that’s why I said it sounds dirty. Pretty much…what could the xx possibly mean. :/? But thanks for the full explanation! :D

  9. O_____O

    I can’t believe Tooyama-sensei drew bewbs like THAT. WTF is she thinking?! XD Girls don’t find that hot. =____=

    Tai, yes, Tai is sexeh. =w=b

    SHK was kinda boring this month. OMG ARINA, STOP MAKING TRAPS OR I’LL SMACK YOU UP.

    ….I hate f**king traps…with a passion.

  10. Forgot to mention, Rurijou’s breasts look bigger than Sakura’s on that last page. XD “Same body as me…”


  11. Chiibi – Tai makes the series all better. :’D

    I don’t hate traps, I just hate Arina’s traps. They’re so damn girly when being a trap and the curves and large eyes somehow</em disappear when they go back to being a guy. orz (Yes Maora, I'm staring straight at you.)
    Reminds me how I have to start reading SHK seriously soon.

    I can't exactly see the difference. :'D Don't most of her heroines have that kind of body anyone.


    • Lol HTML fail.

  12. OMG Arina can’t draw traps to save her life….it’s extreme fail.

    I HATE Maora. XD High-five? The reason I’m hating on all traps nowadays is because they’re more common than houseflies and I can’t pick up a damn shoujo magazine without running into one…it’s annoyin…=________= They also freak me out….and I hate how just because they crossdress, people let them into GIRLS’ bathrooms and dressing rooms…damn that ain’t right. D:

    You can’t see it!? Here lookie, you can really tell in this pic. XD

    Rurijou’s are rounder LOLOLOL.

    Yeah she does…=_= that’s the only thing that bugs me about her…I WANT A TEENAGE PETANKKO FROM ARINA.
    Or a series with every main chara as a child…that would rule. :D

    • It’s because Rurijou is naked and Sakura is wearing clothes. :’D

      Teenage petankko do want. ;;

  13. OMH yukina’s boobs were flowing everywhereeee!
    High School students r not like that and not that BIG n SEXXY,dammitt ema-sensei!
    She made short skirts for the high school girls too
    Anyway,Roman(yukina’s cat) was so cuuute black kitty!

  14. woow hime-chan

  15. pleaz >< .. i want manga hime chan colorful .. i want it full .. pleeeazzzz ='(

  16. Love those images!! CUTE!! :3

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