Chocolatiro Patissiere 5

November 1, 2009 at 2:28 PM | Posted in Uncategorized | 4 Comments

The reason why I watch this.

So, um, it’s actually chapter 2 if you haven’t seen my rants about it…everywhere yet. :’D

I actually took Ribon out and started comparing it. orz While I didn’t mind the second episode’s changes (and didn’t give a crap for the 4th), the stuff in this bothered me and made me lol. Everything was downgraded into lulzy childish stuff, I ended up laughing hard at some parts. (Pfft the cake in the beginning as the “ultimate” cake. Wao.)

I also can’t stop hearing Luke when I hear Kashino. orz

I told myself to blog this episode so here you go.

Actually, I have previews of chapter 2 under here…


The (fully) cleaned scans. Yes. I am an OCD bitch. :D

Don’t you just love my computer for crashing on me? Photoshop is no more!

This was back when the art still scared the crap out of me.

Still kinda annoyed that anything related to Yumeiro Patissiere searches all lead to here. ._.




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  1. Holy crap I need to catch up. orz||

    “Still kinda annoyed that anything related to Yumeiro Patissiere searches all lead to here. ”
    lol that’s cause you were like the first person to post about YumePati XDDDD

    • Haha. :’D Watch episode 5 before 2 or 3, ‘kay? xD

      I know. orz I was wondering why there was a decline in views, too. Guess it was the online streaming sites, haha.
      I’m still on the first page for other related searches though. orz

  2. I was thinking Kiseki… do you still have the translations? I could always clean it for you with your translations… but if you lost everything….たいへんですね =o=

    • Rofl I didn’t even start on that. orz

      Was just cleaning this and trying to clone the borders for chapter on from s-manga (cuz I was too lazy to scan that myself). orz

      I actually have this stupid idea of translating while typesetting. That way, I could translate in a way that has a similar amount of text as the original…

      Yes I fail. *spazzspazz*

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