This is a really random post that is really random.

October 4, 2009 at 7:48 AM | Posted in Uncategorized | 3 Comments
I won't lie. I only typed up this post to post this fanart. :D

I won't lie. I only typed up this post to post this fanart. :D /roll


I am typing this post because the upload for SC! 45 is taking a long time and I hate MF. (So what if I’m an idiot who cares too much about quality and made it end up into 262 MB? I always scan like that, ‘kay? =3=) And I have not slept yet and it is already 7 something yay.

So the Yume Pati anime aired already and Kiseki miscalculated the time and thought it would air today. /fail

While SC!’s songs are so much better, Yume Pati pwns SC! because the OP and ED (although they have retarded songs) sequences are actually really cute. >< The ED made me think, “HOLY CRAP!” not because…of whatever, but because the KashiIchi part was something I had in mind for a fanart for them earlier (the snow and the scarf thing) and I imploded into a fit of giggles (…in my head). Although, the HanaIchi and AndouIchi parts were kinda weird to me since they don’t really have development with her, only Kashino. (That kid blushes too much. 8D)

Oh, and also because the Sweet Spirits that just appeared at the end of the last chapter were in the ED. (And the bitchy girl’s one from the latest too? I don’t remember. Seeing Honey on there made me happy and whythehell is Peach‘s hair green and why does Cafe have blue hair it’s supposed to be brown.)

But, um, I didn’t bother watching episode 1 (fillers…yay), because Kashino starts appearing in the next episode. -shot- (Epic pose in preview makes it all better.) Seeing Warri’s post amuses me too. So much fillers. That part with the running in a field of flowers with a bishie was actually…more simple and less lulzy in the manga. (Chapter 1 is on s-manga, btw.)

Blacksmith looks so good~ LUKE! LUKE!! LUKE!!! LISA~!! LUUUUUUUUUKE!!

Upload is taking soooooo long. ;3;



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  1. cute animation pwns live action crap anyday of the week. ^___^ (I do like the music though for SC though)

  2. Yumeiro Patissiere (I still can’t be sure I’m spelling it right. ._.) is, frankly, better than I thought. =) And yeah, Blacksmith started a bit slow, but at the end…nice~~~

  3. @Warri Of course it does. =3= (But even Mechamote 3D crap has better music, srsly.)
    @Jennkei Haha, it took some time for me too. ^^;
    …I’m just waiting for more opportunities to fangirl over Luke. -shot-

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