Fall Anime 2009

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I really want to change my layout. .__. To a wider one. To one that lets me use my own HTML (unless wp doesn’t allow that at all).

It’s not fun without Photoshop. ;3;

By the way, I kind of stopped caring about a lot of things and most of this was typed when I was fatigued while the rest I half-assed. Um, yeah. Get this done. orz

I won’t be watching anything, really, except for Hetalia and Reborn! (until the pre-manga spoilers end). I have to catch up on Haruhi and finish Gurren Lagann. D:

So much bishoujo this season~

Order is arranged by airdate. Seiyuu arranged by importance of character. Feel free to point out any mistakes.

…I think I overdid it. m(_ _)m

Anime Kiseki Would Be Watching If Not For School

EDIT: After skimming through the manga, I’m extremely hyped for The Sacred Blacksmith, so I’m placing it here.

Seiken no Blacksmith – I originally wasn’t interested until I saw the PV. Then I  shipped LukexCecily so hard. :D -insert mindless fangirling about puchi puri yucie and luke and lukexcecily and arcxyucie wait why is puchi puri yucie here- First I fangirled over LukexCecily, then Luke (HE AND KASHINO SHARE THE SAME SEIYUU 8D). Luke is love. HE’S TSUNDERE. HE NOSEBLEEDS. Animation looks great. Actually, this and Fairy Tail should switch places on this list. =__=

yumeiro_patissiereYumeiro Patissiere

Airdate: 10/04 07:00 JST

Studio: Pierrot

Seiyuu: Yuuki Aoi, Taketatsu Ayana, Okamoto Nobuhiko, Hamazoe Shinya, Yonaga Tsubasa

Themes: OP – Yume ni Yell(?)! Patissiere (Yell Your Dream(?)! Patissiere by Gojo Mayumi; Ichigo no Miraclele (Ichigo’s Miraclele) by Sugihara Yukina

Website(s): TV Dogatch, YTV, Pierrot

Trailers(s): Preview of episode 1

Summary: Amano Ichigo is a girl who loves cakes. While fattening herself with cakes, a French bishounen patissiere dude notices and talks to her, and during their conversation, he invites her to St. Marie academy an academy for patissieres blah blah blah where she meets three bishies that will later become her awesome harem not really and gains this annoying little thing called a “Sweets Spirit” to aid in her cooking after offering a madeleine to this statue thing then she meets more people and a bunch of them have spirits too, oh, they have stupid names.

Thoughts: I’ll clear up the 3D thing. I’m 99% sure it won’t happen. It happened to the Mechamote Iinchou and Kirarin Revolution, yes, but I believe that this is Shogakugan’s fault. >>; Both Kirarin and Mechamote are published by Shogakugan and serialized in Ciao. That I knew. Kirarin was animated by SynergySP which confused me since Zettai Chil and Cross Game are animated just fine. When the Yume Pati anime was announced, the Mechamote ANN article didn’t have the studio listed. A month or two ago, I checked it. It’s animated by Shogakukan Music & Digital Entertainment. :’D Which kind of explains a lot. (SynergySP’s main projects are all manga adaptions published by Shogakugan.) Which means, the poor manga in Ciao…ah… (Too bad Shogakugan is such a copyright ass too.)

After seeing the promo image (the food looks so much better in the manga shaded nicely by screen tones), I decided that I would watch it on Keyhole and Keyhole only. Of course, that was given pleaseforgivemeifeelkindoffatigued, but it was THOSE EYES THAT STARED INTO YOUR SOUL (like Yamapi on that one magazine cover) that made me announce it to myself. It’s not like I can though. No computer. I don’t know my brother’s password.

Of course, the seiyuu are nothing special (yet). Vanilla is Azu-nyan, so I’m kind of hoping that Toyosaki Aki (who voices Suu and Yui) for Caramel (desu~) and Kotobuki Minako (Mugi~) or Tomatsu Haruka as Chocolat, but lulz, that won’t happen. I’m keeping an eye out for Okamoto Nobuhiko because I feel like he’ll be big one day. I’ve heard a bit of his voice and love it, he’ll make a great Kashino. 8D Yuuki Aoi I recognize as Murasaki from kure-nai (which I still have to watch orz). I didn’t expect Ichigo’s voice to be like that though (I should’ve). And lastly Hanabusa = Jun (from S.A.) lawl.

The preview of episode one seems to show a bunch of crying scenes I don’t remember they’re extending it ahh. Does that mean no Kashino in the first episode? ;3;


Airdate: 10/06 20:00 JST

Studio: Madhouse

Seiyuu: Hanazawa Kana, Inada Tetsu, Saito Chiwa, Maeno Tomoaki, Orikasa Fumiko, Miki Shinichirou, Nakajima Megumi

Themes: OP – Magic Number by Sakamoto Maaya; ED – Jellyfish no Kokuhaku (Jellyfish’s Confession) by Nakajima Megumi

Website(s): Official Site

Trailer(s): CM, Preview Segment (with Kobato’s singing in the background)

Summary: Kobato is sweet and perky girl, but also extremely naive about the world around her. She has a “mission”, which is to fill a mysterious bottle of hers with the suffering from people’s hearts so her wish to go a certain place that she desires to go can be granted. However, she has a restriction, she is not allowed to fall in love with any person whom she heals the heart of. (Wiki)

Thoughts: キタ━━━━━━(゚∀゚)━━━━━━!!!!!

Kobato sounds so cute. >< Ahh, my new favorite it Hanazawa Kana (but I still love Tomatsu Haruka vary much). And I hope Ioryogi sounds cute when he’s…in normal, not killer mode.

todoke_mainKimi ni Todoke

Airdate: 10/06 24:59 JST

Studio: Production I.G.

Seiyuu: Noto Mamiko, Namikawa Daisuke, Hirano Aya, Sawashiro Miyuki, Sanpei Yuko, Nakamura Yuuichi

Themes: OP – Kimi ni Todoke (Reaching You) by Tanizawa Tomofumi; ED – Kataomoi (Unrequited Love) by Chara

Website(s): NTV’s Official Site, Betsuma Page, DS Game Site

Trailer(s): PV, CM (in the middle of the video), DS PV

Summary: Sawako Kuronuma, called Sadako by her classmates for her resemblance to the character from Ring, has always been feared and misunderstood because of her appearance. There are rumors that Sawako can see ghosts and curse people. But when her idol, popular boy Kazehaya, begins talking with her, everything changes. She finds herself in a new world, trying to make friends and talking to different people and she can’t thank Kazehaya enough for giving her these opportunities. Slowly, but surely, a sweet love is blossoming between the two as they will overtake any circumstance or clear obstacles in their way. (Wiki)

Thoughts: IWANNAWATCHTHISDAMMIT. Sawako sounds so cute and both she and Kazehaya sound perfect. <3 The animation looks frickin’ amazing and that little bit of OP in the DS PV made me go d’awwwwwwwwww. I just wish the manga were scanlated faster raws are somewhere to be found. Because the first chapter in volume 9 has Kazehaya confessing woohoo!

090828_fairytail-001Fairy Tail

Airdate: 10/12 19:30

Studio: A-1 Pictures & Satelight

Seiyuu: Hirano Aya, Kakihara Tetsuya, Kugimiya Rie, Ohara Sayaka, Nakamura Yuuichi, Namikawa Daisuke, Kishio Daisuke, Kotani Shinichi, Konishi Katsuyuki

Themes: OP – Snow fairy by FUNKIST; ED – Kanpekigu~no ne (It’s perfect~huh) by Watarirouka Hashiritai

Website(s): Kodansha, TV Tokyo

Trailer(s): CM

Summary: Fairy Tail is an infamous guild for destroying everything in their way in the process of doing their missions or just traveling, and a mage named Lucy wants to join it. To her luck, she meets a boy named Natsu and his blue…flying, talking cat thing in search for a dragon named Igneel, two members of Fairy Tail. Thus begins her adventures with the guild.

Thoughts: I blame Sai and the others (but mostly Sai) from GW. ಠ_ಠ First Sai announced that a Fairy Tail anime was announced, then she started talking about it, then she got others into it, then they started talking about it IN THE RANDOM CHAT THREAD PEOPLE. So I gave in since I felt left out (ffffffff) and mass-read the manga ohohoho… orz I fell in love with it and burned my eyes out in the process. Then everyone started claiming Gray when more promotional images were posted. Basically because Gray is voiced by Nakamura Yuuichi and he has is habit of unconciously stripping. HEY MICHI YOU SEE A NAKED GRAY PILOTING A MACROSS ROBO RIGHT!? Then I saw Namikawa Daisuke on a magazine scan and someone (I think it was you, Sai ಠ_ಠ) said that he voices Gerard/however you spell this bastard’s name so I immediately threw away Gray and claimed Gerard because I knew that Gerard would sound something like this (hopefully) and okay what is the point of this anymore.

I’ll just be checking this out every once in a while like with Reborn (although I’m watching it now because of the pre-manga spoilers), like Gerard appears and Loki turns back into Leo and etc.

The cast is pretty good. Hirano did a great job, Lucy sound exactly like how I thought she would sound. *A* I want another trailer out soon. For Gray and Happy. :D

And Watarirouka Hashiritai is going to perform the ED. I’m not quite sure how that will work out. And I’m not quite sure how they got into performing it. (They seem to be more popular than No Sleeves for some reason.) They’re vocals aren’t that good. D: It’s like having four Momokos in one group.


Airdate: 10/15 24:40

Studio: Satelight

Seiyuu: Gouda Aya, Uchida Aya, Mizuhashi Kaori, Takizawa Itsuki, Nagata Ryouko, Hirano Aya, Konno Hiromi, Matsumoto Megumi, Aizawa Mai, Horikawa Chika, Kuwatani Natsuko, Fukuyama Jun, Shiraishi Minoru

Themes: OP – Baby universe day by ???; ED – Junpaku Sanctuary (Pure White Sanctuary) by Chihara Minori

Website(s): Official Site

Trailer(s): Original K.G-2 Pilot

Summary: ES members Éclair and Lumière once were involved in a battle to decide the fate of the galaxy. They prevailed and peace was restored to the galaxy. Now, 50 years later, the galaxy once again stands on the brink of chaos. This conflict will see the dawn of two new heroines; Ascoeur and Q-feuille. (ANN)

Thoughts: *ahem* Kiddy Grade aired in 2002, a sequel was announced in 2006, a pilot was released in 2007, then there’s a period of nothing until a spin-off was reannounced in 2009. Don’t complain, Haruhi fans. >>;

I watched Kiddy Grade after the sequel was announced (which I knew nothing of) and before the pilot was released. When the pilot was released, there was much celebration and joy (the animation is gorgeous), then there was that period of nothing, and earlier this year, news came out that there was going to be a spinoff called Kiddy Girl-and instead of K.G-2. (I would’ve really prefer the sequel instead.) Ascoeur’s design was almost completely changed, with her outfit being inspired by her previous incarnation. Of course I was pissed off when I found out, and like everyone else I see having comments about it, was disappointed and prefered her original design. Imo, Ascoeur #1 complemented Q-feuille better. D: The first seems kind of mellow and reminds me of Lumiere, and is described by Gotou Keiji over here as “adult-like, but not really” while the second (as I’ve seen from the manga) is an uppy cheery girl who’s really…uppy and cheery. The  rest underwent slight changes in design but they’re nothing like Ascoeur. Tweedledee’s new outfit is sooooo cute though. *A* It also seems that instead of receptionists like Eclair and Lumiere were in the KG, the two heroines are waitresses under the direction of a tranny voiced by Shiraishi Minoru (lulz).

Oh, and the logo is hideous.

I forgot what else I wanted to ramble on.

hamaruanimeHigashi no Eden Gekijouban I: The King of Eden

Release Date: 11/28

Studio: Production I.G.

Website(s): Official Site

Summary: Something to do with new Selecao, an AIR KING poster, New York, Saki wearing Akira’s jacket, etc.

Thoughts: My birthday. Fffffffffffffff. Dammit. DVD. Dammit. DAMMIT.

If you must know, I bought Newtype for an Eden poster with Saki standing in front of a creepy looking carousel on top of a building that seems to be in New York and I have no idea how to take it out dammit. :’D

Anime Kiseki Is Interested In

Nyan Koi! – I initially didn’t care about it, then I saw chapters being uploaded on Manga Helpers and checked it out. The art was good, it was funny, and the characters were great. Then everything got better after chapter one. :D I swear, I think I burst out laughing once. The cast looks pretty good. (TOMATSUHARUKATOMATSUHARUKATOMATSUHARUKATOMATSUHARUKA.)

Kämpfer – I don’t care about this, really. The promo pic is gorgeous, so I checked out the manga. It was okay. Then Kaede announces that she likes Fem!Natsuru. Then I stopped caring. The animation looks okay.

Tatakau Shisho: Book of Bantorra – It looks interesting. :D

Tales of Vesperia ~The First Strike~ – Never played any games in the Tales of series before. (All the Tales of APH MADs generated interest for me some months back though. Especially this Tales of Hesperia one.) It’s animated by Production I.G. :D

Sora no Otoshimono – Saw the PV, beginning made me interested, rest was bleh. Read the first chapter on a Newtype e-book, is interested again.

Aoi Bungaku – Don’t really care about it except for the fact that Obata drew some of the original illustrations.

Kuuchuu Buranko – Looks interesting, reminds me of Bakemonogatari. I don’t know how the animation will turn out since it’s Toei though. :/

Also Tonari no 801-chan R, but I don’t know when the rest will be released.

Anime Kiseki Feel Like Making Stupid Comments About

Seitokai no Ichizon – …I forgot what kind of stupid remark I was about to type.

White Album – *points and laughs*

Shugo Chara!!! Dokki Doki – Thank goodness I stopped early. Rikka is pretty much a failed version of Meiling with an octopus head that will probably challenge Ami for the love of Hikaru (I know who’s giggling at this). It’s probably something along the lines of fillers for half of the series, Rikka leaves, Ikuto leaves, and the plot returns. Pfft. From what I’ve seen though, it looks a lot better that Lululululufillers. She’s cute though. It looks more promising that Doki will ever be.

Renzoku Ningyo Katsugeki: Shin Sanjushi – Waht.

Tamagotchi! – I thought it had one already.

Fuyu no Sonata: Winter Sonata the Animation – I could NEVER EVER stand K-dramas. They’re too narm (beware, for this links to TV Tropes) for me to take it. :’D It’s my parents current addiction, but I honestly can’t stand them. In K-dramas, most people are beautiful (and my Japanese teacher, known for her bitching but currently trying to surpress herself, said that Korean people love their plastic surgery, much lulz ensured), there’s a rich family and a normal family…which leads me to say nsf;ljnhgo;jsnd WHY ARE KOREANS SO RICH (all the Koreans I see irl are skfnjsl;jfs rich)…er…back to the (if I ever had a) point, this run-on sentence is too long. But honestly, even stuff like Stairway to Heaven made me laugh hard at the littlest thing. Yeah, I’m weird. Wait, what was the point in commenting about this again?

Sources: ANN (oh gawd, please note if any of the seiyuu are wrong), The Fansub Wiki, MOON PHASE, Chart Fag, and the anime’s respective HPs.



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  1. Lawl. The WP layouts are pretty sucky.
    You might function better with self hosting. It looks really difficult to do though. :/
    Can you use HTML…? Either way, I wouldn’t be the one to know… ^^;

    Anyway. Our lists are pretty much the same. :’DDD
    I don’t know anything about this “miracle train” thing but I can say that however it turns out to be, I’ll always be loyal to anthropomorphic countries and not stations.

  2. Lea – Yes they are. =3=
    As in making text bigger and stuff. I tried doing giant text, but it didn’t work in the preview.

    Aren’t all our lists pretty much the same? :’D (er, within a certain group of people)
    …They’re anthropomorphic stations? xD; I just thought they were a bunch of bishies on a train.

    • Yeah they’re living train stations all right. XD;
      ///completely serious

      It’s on ANN, if you want to see. :’DDDD

      • …That’s seriously…

        Can’t think of the word, so…



    Yes, yes I do.

    I also see a naked Gray piloting a Macross robo while shouting “THE CHILDREN, RELEASE!!!1!”

    *shot* No idea how to link that to Ikuto but hey. That’s 3 bishies in one sentence 8D.

    Ahhhhh, Alto-hime, if only you were as sexy as Gray. xD.

    Well, you can’t blame me for the RCT part.

    Sai started the whole “NAKAMURA YUUICHI IS GRAY” thing, and you know me…


    On second thought, I may just pick up Kimi ni Todoke too :D

    Saw the trailer and wow. HAHA. so sweet, in contrast to Aya’s SCREAMING VOICE. XD

    WOO nostalgia of Minamoto x Kaoru comes back again. ahhhh, good times, good times.

    … Maybe that’s why I’m shipping Gray x Lucy. Then again, I like Lucy x Loki…. Hey hey, Kiseki, how does a three-some sound? 8D. Gerard could be on top~ (lolwut?! xD)

    zomg, kobata looks tempting again. MAAYA AND MEGUMI 8D WOO.

    okay I just RE-REALISED that this season of anime line-ups are filled with MF cast. yeah.

    … the thing with 4 momokos in a group scares me.

    She already makes me barf when she sings with Airirin, I can’t imagine four of her…… *headdesks*

    Oh kiseki, we so need to get on msn and rant after my exams. HARHAR. *hugs*

  4. oh oh, kiseki, did you see the cover for chp 153?

    Hibiki *A*~ //spam

  5. Oh Michi.

    It’s not exactly as bad as four Momokos… It’s just that for a subgroup, none of their vocals are anything special. It was probably formed to revive this older group thing and to make Team B more popular (…because face it, they’re not that popular). Mayuyu’s vocals are pretty bleh, but she’s the most popular girl in Team B. (What I don’t get is why they didn’t include Yukirin, she’s the best in Team B.)

    Of course, you’re a Hello Project person, so you didn’t get 95% of that paragraph up there.

    …Okay, I really don’t get it now. Because…um, it’s worse than I imagined. It sounds like something from a shoujo. D: Wtf. WHY DIDN’T THEY SING A YUME PATI THEME INSTEAD ARGH.

    Yeah, I edited the post, there’s a link to it now.

    • *watches* … ohmy.

      It’s like something they should use for SC, and make it unfail, not that that is possible… pfft.

      But hey, that’s pretty good already, and I’m sure it’s wayyyyyyy better than what the phail SCE could do. pfft.

      Oh god. Need to watch the first ep of FT, yo. Chp 154 is out. HARHAR. o:.

      • Well, they’re older…

        It’s not like they can. xD; SC has Hello Project, and they’d be rivals with AKB48.

  6. Well… yeah, but they’re stupid cast members (aside from buono!), fails :/

    • Huh?

      • I has no idea how to reply to ^ that post before this, so yeah.

        um, SC fails with H!P aside from Buono! :/

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