Nakayoshi + Ribon 2009 #10 (YP&SC news + OMFG HIME-CHAN REMAKE)

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I lied. I don’t need to use the computer to do my homework. I have most of it done anyway. And I wasted $23 today, so…yeah.

This will be really brief though.

I’m taking pictures at night, so excuse the horrible lighting.

Lol so much kissing in September. (They must’ve planned it or something!)


Shugo Chara!!! Dokki Doki News

The new girl is called Hiiragi Rikka (柊 りっか). She’s a transfer student to Seiyo elementary and became the Guardians’ “apprentice”. She can hear batsu tama’s voices and has the power to draw them to herself. I think she has something to emo over, but I’m not sure.

Most of the members on GW already like her better than Lulu. xD;

Shugo Chara! Chapter 44 – You guys have probably already seen the spoilers from 2ch that Anon Black posted to GW and MF. So I won’t get into too much detail since this was a rather slow chapter minus the cliffie.



Suzuki tries to give Amu a love letter and is too overwhelmed by her KARISUMA SUPAISHII OORA…yeah. Black, that’s the most detailed panel of Suzuki in the whole chapter. D;



キタ━━━━━━(゚∀゚)━━━━━━!!!!! キタ━━━━━━(゚∀゚)━━━━━━!!!!! キタ━━━━━━(゚∀゚)━━━━━━!!!!!

I won’t fangirl anymore before you guys since it’ll start being…scary. Scary fangirling. >w<)b



Actually, I feel pretty indifferent about this. .__.

Chiyokoreito Story 4: Omoide no Kakera – It’s nothing different than all her other works. >>; Kiss #1.

ARISA Chapter 9: Planetarium – Mariko meets some of her classmates from elementary school. She starts becoming that pity character. Class goes into the planetarium, then it’s taken over by the King. 5 number combinations are in the sky after the solar eclipse.

She wins the creepy face award.

She wins the creepy face award.

It turns out that Mariko was just jealous of Midori, since after Midori came into the picture, Mariko was no longer Arisa’s number one. (Why about I thinking about Cardcaptor Sakura?)

"Bye-bye, Mariko."

"Bye-bye, Mariko."

So the King is not Mariko, wears a gakuran, is creepy, is most likely a guy, and has short hair. Gee. That’s obviously Midori.

Shugo Chara-chan! – Kiseki and Ran cheat by floating. :’D They’re playing tamaire.

Watashi ni xx Shinasai! Mission 5: Koibito no Futari wo Shinasai! – The art was a little off in this chapter.  Bite other people for a summary, I’m gonna be lazy, but at the end, Akira says that he wants to be Yukina’s lover [boyfriend].

Yume Miru: Angel Blue Season 12: Senpai no Yaku ni Tachitai! – Well, the art was never stable or that good in the first place (I wish she didn’t change it, I loved her art in that oneshot about the doppleganger), but this chapter was really…off. We get to see Amane with her hair down. Wao. And at the end, Aoi hugged her because she was his model for a thingy I’m too lazy to check, but he was saying thanks. In the spur of the moment, Amane confessed, and Aoi rejected. I see this ending soon. End soon. Do a manga for Blue Cross Girls instead. =3= I like their style better.

Million Girl Game 5: Taisensha, Toujou! – /confused

Doki Doki! Tama-tan Episode 8 – Tama-tan finally got literally abducted by a UFO.

Boyfriend Chapter 7: Kokuhaku – Kiss #2. Wait. We’re only at 2!?

Youkai Navi Runa Section 4: Hi wo Fuku Mamono / Chapter 15 – New characters are introduced, and it seems that Runa’s teacher…person, forgot who she is, knows Tai. Now that I think about it, they look alike.

Hitsuji ga Ippiki Final Chapter: Yakusoku no Asa – Kiss #3.

Saikou Seitokai Tsubakiyo Chapter 6: Good Bye Noroi Onna –  Lol guy that looks like Kairi.

Jigoku Shoujo R Chapter 2: Piano – I like how Ai knew the client. She’s the girls piano tutor, I think.


Yumeiro Patissiere anime

Will air on October 4, at 7 AM. If you check Pierrot’s Yume Pati site, they have character stuff up. I saw it in Ribon and it seems that Ichigo and Hanabusa (green hair) don’t look as bad as they do in the promotional image. Kashino’s large eyes are starting to annoy me for some reason. I was hoping that they’d announce the seiyuu, but I guess we have to wait for the 10th. redirects to the other website. Oh, btw, if you couldn’t stand St. Dragon Girl (I like it…for some weird reason), then you probably won’t like this much.

Hime-chan no Ribbon: Colorful Chapter 1

My initial reaction when I saw the preview in the last Ribon was that I probably wouldn’t like it. It wasn’t until a week later that I bothered to read the title that I realized that this was some sort of remake of Hime-chan no Ribbon, a popular mahou shoujo manga/anime a few years before I was born. Even though it’s kind of old, I love the series. (I have volume 6, 9, and 10. orz I want 8. Badly. They have the bunko version published, but I doubt they’ll have that at Book Off.)  I saw Himeko and thought, “NUUUUU!! D:” My reaction to Erika was worse. Her clothes. What. They’re both wearing a ribbon too. ._. It really lost that “pure” image it had, I guess. (At least we don’t have those horrid overalls though.)

Art-wise, it’s not as bad as I thought, it’s okay actually. My only problem with it is that all the characters look the same. D: There’s no difference between the girls except for the hair. Hasekura-senpai looks like some random, generic guy.



Character-wise, they don’t live to their original selves. Minus Himeko. She’s fine. Daichi just seems really childish and outgoing now. Like Kazehaya, but Daichi isn’t supposed to be like that. =3= Then there’s Erika. She just feels like a random girl popping in on a broom (though she is just a random girl popping in on a broom). Which reminds me, no Chappy. D: ERIKA’S BROOM DOESN’T TALK NOW. And Hasekura just seems…like a random generic guy. Icchan and Manami are gone. :< Gori-sensei is replaced by a random teacher in a tracksuit that looks like a student. THERE’S NO POKOTA WHERE IS POKOTA!?

Story-wise…ugh. You can tell that they’re really rushing it and it’ll probably just be some one volume manga or something. Erika gave Himeko the ribbon at school (no Pokota…*sniff*), right after Hasekura introduced his girlfriend (wait, does this mean no Aiko too!?), in which she immediately transformed into a model, Himeka. Then she roams around and fans start going after her, then Daichi saves her and stuff. In the end, Daichi told the Himeko-transformed-into-Himeka that he thought Himeko was cute. Which results in an “…Eh?”

*sigh* What should I feel about this? >>;

Kiss Me Host Gumi BAADAA (?) 5 – …Almost kiss. Is it really that good? I would expect this to be in the back by now, because it’s printed in purple and pink, the worst combination, and doesn’t have color pages, but it’s near the front.

Shouri no Akuma Victory 8 – Out of all the Halloween-themed splash pages, I like this one the most. WATARU Y SO YANDERE!?

Yumeiro Patissiere recette 13 – Holy crap. 4 more spirits. Orange (pronounced Oranju instead of Orenji), Peach (THIS ONE HAS BOOBS), and Cherry & Black Cherry.



You know what you should ship. :D So ship it.

ChocoMimi – ROFL. This chapter was especially funny. :’D It’s Halloween themed. Choco said that she would be a faerie, so Andryu thought of her in Tinkerbell-like clothes (Andryu you’re such a moe boyfriend), but she actually meant a gnome. xD Mimi’s a mermaid and is wearing tail, so when she tried to walk, she fell. Then Mumu came in to help her, but he was wearing a giant crab thing on his head, and also fell. (MUMU! <3) Misaki’s wearing a princess dress and Take-chan was too. Misaki thought she lost. Mumu is still on the floor. And the last comic was a cute MumuxMimi thing.

Btw, I believe volume 1 is out in English, go check it out, it was popular enough to get a drama. c:

Heart no Dia Love 2 – Mamoru appears. o:

Stardust Wink Star 9 – Oh gosh, the chipmunk has arrived. The eyes are creepy, but it’s sooo cute!  “Boy meets chipmunk”

Sakura Hime Kaden Chapter 10: Sono Hi, Hatsukoi datta – Kiss #4. The guy that Sakura calls “oniisama” is also the guy named Enju.

MOMO Chapter 4: Chocolate Recipe – Shippers rejoice. Another almost kiss. D: With Nanagi and Yume. Oh wait. Kiss #5. Momo kissed Yume on the cheek. <3

CRASH! Stage 30 – Kiss #6. Yuugo is quitting CRASH! !? What? D:

Maboroshi Nippon – Everyone turned into a version of Tono.

Fly-High! Battle 12 – So…Meru is fine…after being hit by a car…in a pool of blood…okay. She’s in a light coma, I think. Stuff happens. Meru is out of the hospital (she’s not supposed to be) and throws a rock at Ichiya. :D

DSC02169So the fight begins. I prefer IchiyaxMeru. And I kinda want Luca to myself.

Holy crap that took a few hours. D;



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  1. See, I knew it was Midori. xD
    Geh Mariko is so. very. SCARY. DD:

    YukinaxKitamiii DDDA<

  2. “You know what you should ship. :D So ship it.”


    And that’s all.

    Bwahahaha. I knew Midori would be the king. (I still think he is, and judging by the spoilers, I’m pretty sure he is.) *points to an old ARISA post*

    *rejoices at Kairi’s return*
    Man. I feel like switching over to ship Kairi and Amu now. :’D

  3. Man! I seriously can’t wait ‘ti all of these chapters come out scanalated!

    ARISA: Mariko not being the King si somewhat not surprising. Midori being the king is something that I’m seriously guessing. Mariko’s reason for being one evil bitch, as well as winning the creepiest face award is surprising though. Well the creepeist face award isn’t, but the reason is. Mariko’s actually innocent and cares about stuff! *shuddders*

    Watashi ni xx Shinasai: Wow. I really want to read that chapter now after I heard this. I know you didn’t say much, but saying that Akira says that he wants to be her boyfriend has my attention.

    Million Girl: I’m a tad bit confused. Game 5? Isn’t it only the second chapter?

  4. I was kind of hoping Angel Blue would find a corner to go and die a quiet death in BUT APPARENTLY NOT!

    I really liked this month’s Watashi ni xx shinasai chapter though. Kitami is all like ‘It’s your own fault biatch’ and then Akira stepped in o(*∀*)o It was good… but still.. cousins… no… I just can’t…

  5. …I must be the only one who finds Mariko’s creepy faces an inspiration.

    SC is lame.
    wtf @ DDTT (lmao lack of anything else to comment on)

  6. …Since Kaede is such a late commenter, Kiseki decided to be a late replier.

    Lea – Dowit.
    Rin – Too bad Del Rey licensed ARISA already. D: Ffff.
    I keep forgetting to add you and Cookie to my blogroll. /still too lazy.
    Cookie – I really liked chapter 4. >>; Then I read chapter 1 and started to bash my head against the wall.
    Incest is awesome. Don’t fight it.
    Kaede – Why hullo thar.

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