Computer problems

August 30, 2009 at 6:43 AM | Posted in Uncategorized | Leave a comment
Explains why. The previous entry, too.

My first excuse for my absence is none. I have none. Then I started scanlated some things (one that will make fans of himaruya happy and one that will show that anime with a scary character design is about) to make a comeback. Then my computer got fucked up. (I admit, it’s probably my fault.)

I was going to have a status/scanlation post, a brief Ribon post, and a brief summer post, but the whole redirecting link thing (journal entry do read plz) kind of causes things out of loop. Plus, after a while, the internet disconnects itself.

I am using my brother’s laptop right now.

Sorry guys, I really wanted to get chapters 1 & 2 of Yume Pati done before the anime airs, but it seems like that can’t be done.

Also, after that one picture of Seiji was posted to Himaruya’s blog, everyone started asking questions about who he is. (Filipinos have a lot of pride. xD) I really wanted to finish scanlating the preview of chapter one. (It was an ass to screencap. I had to use IE. Ugh. And my normal screencap button wouldn’t work. And it’s SEINEN, an ass to translate. Good thing it’s easy to typeset. Minus the first page.)

If things go my way, then I will get a laptop in late November, if they don’t, I’ll get one soon. (It’s complicated. Deals with tablets, Windows 7, and my birthday. Okay, it’s not so complicated.)

Until whenever it will be, see you guys~


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