Nakayoshi #7 2009

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WHAT THE HELL IS UP WITH THAT NECK!? D: (...Forgot to scratch off the price.)

A super belated post. *3*

Before we head to the actual series, let’s start with the colored pages and this ridiculous advertisement in the front.

Look guys, we can now pay extra money for personalized Hi-Chew! Called Pro-Chew!!

Look guys, we can now pay extra money for personalized Hi-Chew! Called Prof-Chew!!

Um…seriously, guys? Next time I go to a convenience/liquor store, I’m ignoring the awesome tasting expensive Hi-Chew. >>; *chews on korean hi-chew*

Shugo everything!

Shugo everything!

Nakayoshi had some sort of…event thing (according to Xiao Jie, it’s an autograph signing), and merchandise with it. Shugo Chara! & Youkai Navi Runa tote bags, Shugo Chara! & Yume Miru: Angel Blue mechanical pencils, Shugo Chara! & Jigoku Shoujo towels, Shugo Chara! & Ogawa & Team Saito shitajiki, and Shugo Chara! & Youkai Navi Runa clear files.

Man, Shugo Chara! is so popular, it’s on everything. Nice, but, eh… >>; I’d only buy the SC! shitajiki (only to stare at… I have 3 pencil boards, and I use none) and that SC! tote bag (because I need one dammit).



The girl from Fukushima’s new series was supposed to have black hair. Oops?



They’re all little girls. Shouldn’t Pedobear have crashed this already?

That hair...

That hair...

So those of us that stalk the musical thread on GW flipped when we saw it. For two reasons: a.) someone got their Nakayoshi friggin’ early and is not sharing; b.) wtf Amu. (Tadase, she looks brilliant though.)

A certain someone was truly upset that they casted Yuuka as Amu and not Airi. Dammit I have to agree now. D: (But I’m even more upset at who they casted as Utau. fknk.s;d.gfdhn;fbfl THERE’S SO MANY AWESOME H!P GIRLS AND AKB48 GIRLS AND IDOLING GIRLS […okay, I don’t care for Idoling] AND THAT’S WHO THEY CASTED… Not to mention the fact that I would love to have Shida Mirai as her if she could sing.)

Also, Ikuto is a true pedophile. KENN is 27. Hah. Hah. I don’t like him already. Idk, I just don’t. >>;

The website is up. The only actress that I can worship would be Rima. OH GOSH SO CUTE. She’s 10-years-old and is really short.

I wouldn't mind if someone snagged the Nakayoshi before I did. What kind of crap furoku is this?

I wouldn't mind if someone snagged the Nakayoshi before I did. What kind of crap furoku is this?

It looks worse than that horrible quality messenger bag that I plan to sell on ebay once I get a credit card. Except, the messenger bag would sell. This would not. (If you’d like higher quality pictures and closeups of the texture, click here.)

The CG... *_*

The CG... *_*

From the ad for Lovely. I adore their CG. Especially Aoi Mitsu’s (the one in the middle). <3 I want some nice art from her now. *3*

Chiyokoreito – Story 1: Unmei no Deai

Chi Yo Ko Re I To

Chi Yo Ko Re I To

ちよこれいと (chiyokoreito) is a visual pun to チョコレート (chocolate), I won’t explain it unless asked. P:

Fukushima is horrible at creating new characters that don’t look like the heroes from her other series. 8D; She had a thing for red heads and they might as well involve a light haired (most likely blond) guy, and a guy with black hair. This one’s no different, except the light haired guy and the girl switched hair colors. Very original. Although, this time, the heroine is a loli and the boys are shotas. Oh, and the loli’s eyes have a sharper eye bubble…shine thing.

Koi Chiyoko is basically given chocolate to by this boy named Hakushima Rei (I just summed up the meaning of the title here). Blah blah blah, she has a childhood friend, he’s a new transfer student, he gets fangirls, and she right next to him. The childhood friend (which I fail to find the name of since I skim) does and introduction and it turns out that all three have the same birthday, Valentine’s Day. Another thing that connects to the chocolate. (Okay, I’m not in the mood to type since I just woke up from a dream which I HAD to type down…I filled up a whole page…haha.) Childhoood friend sees a cutesy moment between Rei and Chiyoko, oh, and the next day has a disappeared Rei. P:

Also, all was fine until Chiyoko’s hair is pulled out of her ponytail and Rei falls into the pool. These two look like two very familiar characters from one of her other series… >>;


I don’t read it. I will if someone recommends it.

Shugo Chara! – Chapter 41

Not much to say, but there is a technical error that I’d like to point out.


We can clearly see the tops of the cages (also, how did Tadase get so far away?) and there is nothing that can lift them…unless there’s a thousand fishing lines, but…yeah. Hikaru presses the big magical red button switch and the cage lifts…whut.

Ahahaha… >>; Bleh. I’m expecting Tsukasa to randomly take Aruto out and say, “Here he is! ;D” in the next chapter.

Watashi ni xx Shinasai! – Mission.2: Watashi no koto Dakishimenasai!



Dammit, I’m always amazed by her CG. *A*

The second mission would be hugging. I didn’t expect myself to fangirl, but it was so cute! Especially since it was her “first”. Japan had a cuter reaction though.





These scenes were too cute. :’3 The third mission is a kiss, aaaand we end with a cliffhanger. I don’t think they’ll kiss in the next chapter, considering how new this manga is, so I am interested in how she’ll do it…

(Gah, I’m sorry, I think netted melons have some sort of sedative in them, because dammit, I ate some and now I’m extremely tired.)

Shugo Chara-chan!

This chapter was cute (but then it always is), it was about the Tanabata (…which reminds me, the disappearance arc in Haruhi will start airing this week right?) and…

DSC01930…Ran, Miki, and Suu thought Orihime and Hikoboshi were humans. xD; They’re stars.

ARISA – Chapter 6: Himitsu no Kakera



THE SERIES WITH THE PRETTY ART WILL HAVE A CHAPTER PUBLISHED IN THE NEXT NAKAYOSHI!! 8D There’s no CG, but I’ll be staring at it and reading it thoroughly. *3* (If I get it. It’s summer now, and I usually go to the store after school. I can’t go out for no reason. D: )

Boyfriend – Chapter 4: Uwasa



I can’t get over how nice this page is.

I’ve never really paid much attention to this series until this chapter. I won’t say much, but Eri becomes the ringleader of the bitches that hate the heroine.

How cliche is this scene?

How cliche is this scene?

Shibakiyo *28K4* – Chapter 3: Kaze nara Netenasai!!

Giant needle.

Giant needle.

Right now, my reaction is, “Wait…I thought we’re at chapter 2!” I don’t pay attention to this series at all. D: It’s the crack series in Nakayoshi, but…meh. Also, I love torturing people who are afraid of needles. 8D

Youkai Navi Runa – Section 3, Chapter 12: (Some title I can’t read because I fail on recognizing one kanji.)

I stopped paying much attention to this after the mermaid crap. Some random beach bishie came in and taught Runa how to swim while I’m crying for Tai to come back (…I’ve only seen Tai on previews on the website, but I ship it already).

Runa basically explores the creepy cave and then the guy (who I now discover is named Kantarou) later joins her. He gives her her coat/jacket, and they proceed further in. The come to a body of green water that, uh…bubbles. Kantarou manages to persuade Runa to jump in (but not before she ties Mokke and Snelly/Suneri up), so she does. She sees the canopies of trees and is dragged down by them. The voice(s) (I forgot…I think the reason they entered the place was because they heard voices) belongs to those trees. “Help… My feet can’t move…” “…Return them…!” The trees (they have faces btw) start to cry (um…underwater? this is spongebob all over again) until Kantarou pulls Runa out of their grasp.

Runa realizes that Mokke and Suneri are still wrapped up in her jacket, and unwraps them. While she is busy with those two, the beach bishie walks away. She goes to look for him, but encounters more trees…

DSC01941DSC01945DSC01946Runa finally realizes that these aren’t trees, but humans after she smells them and sees their tattered clothes.

It’s finally interesting again! 8D

Fresh Pretty Cure! – Chapter 5 (…wait, chapter 5!? Am i reading this correctly? D: )

I normally don’t care for this series, but then these two caught my eyes…


I wonder if they did this on purpose for the older yuri fanatics out there. xD; (And yes…I know the second scene would be impossible, unless… -shot-) Too bad I’m not one, but I still got a good laugh out of it. x3

Gee, I wonder who this is. >>;

Gee, I wonder who this is. >>;

It’s obvious who the fourth and final Precure is: Setsuna (or whatever she’s called).

Celeb na Slave – Final Chapter

I did skim through it, although I’m too lazy to comment on it. P: The eyes are huge though, I kinda like the style better in that oneshot she did with the guy that looked like the girl’s brother.

Doki Doki! Tama-tan – Episode 5

This has the honor of the most pictures (spam) so I could point out how ridiculously chibi this series is. Oh gawd… >>;

Tama-tan lost her tsukigami (…she named it Happy) and they try to find it.

This looks like Norway and Iceland's lovechild with bunny ears... *fidgetfidget*

This looks like Norway and Iceland's lovechild with bunny ears... *fidgetfidget*

My first thoughts were, “He reminds me of Iceland!” then I saw how the hair was parted and the clip and though, “Wait, no! He looks like Noway!!” This was the result.

DSC01960Okay, this one’s actually kinda cute.

It happened.

It happened.

I say that it won’t get any more chibi. It will.



It turns out that Akane’s brother has it, then gets attacked by Tama-tan’s…attack (or it was a flashback, idk) and falls in love with her…er…beauty as you can see.

Sparkly screentones.

Sparkly screentones.

You know, I bet he’s a lolicon. What she calls him doesn’t help either.

Lawl perv.

Lawl perv.

I am always amused by those scenes that abuses screentones.



A proposal to the daughter of a guy that can transform into Neptune from an alien with bunny ears.

Okay, this is cute.

Okay, this is cute.

I love how Koge-Donbo* adds those emotes to the end of the dialogue though.

Shin Jigoku Shoujo – Chapter 9: Yuzuki

I wish I paid more attention to the last chapter. D: The end of this chapter made me go, “Wait…what? What!?”

Yuzuki is told that she would become the next Hell Girl by the current, Enma Ai. She runs back home to see her apartment complexe cracked and dirty. She runs into her own home to see it dusty, cracked and full of cobwebs. In the next room she enters, she sees a small skeleton next to a giant teddy bear and is told by Ai % co. that the skeleton is her. Opening the door, a younger Yuzuki comes in and she views her old memories of a happy family. It’s her birthday, and her dad gives her the giant teddy bear as a present.

Her dad is a bus driver, and tragedy occurs on a rainy day. I looked over these parts kind of quickly, but Yuzuki’s dad’s dad blames her mom as a murderer, and says something over an interview that was broadcasted on TV. When she went to school, her whole class hated her and didn’t allow her in. Those gossiping housewives you always see…gossip.

Her mom is hated at work and sick when at home. Her mom is so sick that her asshole boss fires her without giving her money. She tries to find a job, but can’t because of who she is and finally coughs out blood. Yuzuki runs for help, but those gossiping housewives just tell her off that she could just call for a hospital. Time flies and her mom is bedridden. Yuzuki sees cherry blossoms falling and goes to the window to look outside. She sees a happy couple in middle school and thinks of how nice it is and how she’d like to be in middle school soon. When she calls to her mother, she does not respond…

Days pass without her coming out. The girl wishes to join her parents soon and closes her eyes for the last time (don’t ask me how the hell she died). Yuzuki remembers that she is dead…Ai moves on.

DSC01969The next target is Mayama Azusa.

Sapphire: Ribon no Kishi – Final Chapter: Hikari no Naka no Sapphire

Gosh, this ending reminded me of Mermaid Melody so much. >>;

I did like the parts where the original characters appeared though.


And I don’t bother reading the back…

Next month...

Next month...

Is that…?



I hope her story is as good as her art! *3*

Lol, it’s 2:52 AM right now. :’D And I seriously think the melon has some sort of sedative in it.

EDIT: I forgot to do the furoku. I already reviewed them on GW, I’m too lazy to do it here. =3=

Oh and can someone please tell me why the images on this blog are being enlarged? ;__; I’m really frustrated at how blurry my header and the images are.



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  1. Hi!~ I’m blossomgirl101 (as obviously stated). ^_^ Just decided to stop by and finally comment. I already added you to my blogroll, so yes, I’ll be stopping by every now and then~

    Anyways…onto the comment…

    O_o Her neck looks yellow…

    There really is a lot of Shugo Chara things, probably since Nakayoshi knows just how popular it is and can make more money off of it. xD But I don’t mind, I mean…they’re all so cute.

    Omg, Amu looks so fake. x_x Especially her hair. And looking at the cast page, there were other girls suited better for Amu in my opinion. Tadase’s hair is actually pretty good though. Ikuto’s actor, my first thought, “Nooo!!!” And wow, he’s old. I can’t read Japanese, so I don’t know who is who (because Google Translate is messed up). But I agree, Rima is so cute! She’s like the only one done right. Overall, I’m not really happy with who they’re casting (but I’m not even fond of the idea of a musical, and won’t see it anyways…), but it’s always hard to cast people as 2-D characters anyways. :\

    Chocolate actually looks somewhat interesting.

    Now that you bring it up, I am wondering how did the cages lift up? Haha…loophole!

    Aww…That looks so cute, Yukina experiencing her first hug. <3 I actually hope they don't kiss yet because then it would feel a bit rushed, and that's what we all anticipate for. So if the kiss comes now, there's less excitement.

    As for your enlarged images, when you post the images, is it selected as "large" or full size? I don't know, that might be one reason. Or it could be the theme, did you try to look at the images from another theme (preview this page with a different theme).

    Anyways, I'll be looking forward to more of your posts~ :]

    • WordPress didn’t exactly eat up this comment, it just marked it as spam. P: (Idk why.)

      I think I’ll add you too~

      My scanner is horrible when it comes to colors. orz It always comes out bright and yellow. I actually adjusted the colors and upped cyan to the max.

      Ikuto’s actor is KENN, I don’t mind him as much anymore (but blame this due to bias for something else), but we still haven’t seen him all dressed up, no? o:
      Mmm…yeah. I don’t really care for the musical either, but I always get worked up about it, haha… It is hard though, so we can’t blame them.

      For some reason, I’m expecting the ever-so-cliche a-random-fangirl-discovering-their-fake-after school-raburabu-and-going-to-be-a-bitch-to-Yukina thing. I hope not, but I can’t see it any other way. D:

      The theme was fine before. But now, it only loads (not enlarged) for a second when I first visit this page after I turn on the computer, then it reloads into a larger layout, with the images blurring and the text larger, I believe. I’ll try to take a screencap of it, but I’m currently too busy.

      Hee. <3

  2. Lol girl, you don’t know how envious I am of you being able to buy Nakayoshi xD

    The flat out reason why there’s a lot of Shugo Chara stuff in Nakayoshi is because it’s a big hit in it. No surprise there huh? xD

    Now that you mention the autograph signing.. I really wish I could be there and ask for signatures of my fave mangakas =3=;; Awwws. lawl~

    I too am so curious of what’s going to happen to WnxxS because even though it looks cliche in an angle, there’s a part of it that is unique and I can’t help waiting for more :)) And yup, her CGs are always so awesome~ <3

  3. Shugo Chara! is awesome. Period. I still can’t believe that it’s having a musical even though I’vve known about it for a while. I felt like puking when I saw who was playing all the characters(especially Ikuto. WAH~!). Might as well ruin the whole thing. Though… Rima did look cute.

    Most of the manga in here isn’t even scanalated yet. I find that really, really gay. Like Youkai Navi Luna. It’s a project by Pocket Scans, but the last time they updated their page was in January, so I’m not expecting much from them. Doki Doki Tama-tan looks extremely cute. I mean bunny ears. Doesn’t that just scream loli. Chocolate looks good(I guess), and it’s Tsubakiyo, not Shibakiyo. I read the scanalations, so that’s why it stood out. I do understand how people could get confused between the シ and the ツ.

    Oh yes, I’m Rin. Nice to meet you. I saw you on someone’s blogroll, and decided to check it out. I do look forward to more posts. ^_^

    *Wow, this has to be my longest comment that I’ve ever made so far.

    • Man I suck at using HTML tags.

  4. @ Kirapika At least you’re not wasting money that you could be saving up? :’D

    @ Rin I’m not sure why I’m keeping updated with the thing myself. Meh.

    Oh, Youkai Navi Runa…OHMYGODANGELBLUEIFORGOTABOUTTHAT well, maybe you could check out their forum for the status?
    Haha…Shibakiyo…I had a hard time figuring out the ba to be exact. >>; *kicks font* Though I think I might read it now since it’s being scanlated.

    …Hee. You make pretty short comments. o:

  5. /has no idea why she is commenting on a 3-month-old entry

    Lmao, you cracked me up with the captions for Doki Doki Tama Tan. I was just laughing like a complete maniac the whole time. PFFT ICELAND AND NORWAY’S LOVE CHILD INDEED. 8D

    …Koge-Donbo amuses me with her screentone abuse. Oh lol all those shoujo sparkles…I think that’s the only thing that made that thing amusing. Other than that Tamae has a huge head with a tiny neck and body. Her face looks like some chibi thinger rather than a…normal picture. <<;

    …Okay other than that I have nothing else interesting to put here.

    /didn't bother to buy this issue of Nakayoshi

    /dosen't know where this comment is going

    Okay, I'll shut up now.

  6. What kind of furoku you’ve got?I’ve always want to get the japanese version cuz I love the furoku..Is there nakayoshi in USA or something?Maybe not only in japan or indonesia..==
    Hey,what chapter will tsubakiyo end?

    • Mmm, the usual stuff. Paper crafts, stationery, pens, accessories, crappy bags, etc.
      The Nakayoshi I buy is imported from Japan.
      …Ehh, I forgot, if you’d really like to know, bug me later. Cannot check atm.

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