ARISA – Chapter 6

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A super belated post– ah shit I just killed a bug by chewing on it. *goes to wash mouth*

Yeah, not doing Shugo Chara! chapter 41 because the scanlations came out already. I was going to do this last week, but it was the last week of school, so…yeah.

I’m sorry this took so long. I started scanning and stuff on Sunday, but it’s already (late) Wednesday early Thursday…blame me for being such a perfectionist. >>; I actually went back to erase those little gray dots that you can’t see unless you have a layer of black set to color burn at 100% over the scan (which was what I did). Not all of them were erased, which evades the point.

Xiao Jie posted the raws on her blog some time ago…which devastated me due to my love for spoiling people…haha. 8D; I didn’t use her raws though. orz That would’ve saved time.

Anyway, here we go…

...Except, she's Tsubasa.

...Except, she's Uehara Tsubasa.

The chapter starts off at where it left off last. Manabe claims to know who the King is, and says that it’s Arisa. Tsubasa-disguised-as-Arisa says that it’s him and turns around to look at the person at the roof…who isn’t there. Manabe thinks that Arisa is just faking not-remembering, and from there on, we enter a flashback…

2 years ago (or in their second year, I’m not sure since I’m not using a dictionary), Manabe shows up with bleached hair, which ticks the teacher off and Manabe vows not to return.

"Good afternoon! Manabe-kun!!"

If you must know, I'm just pimping him.

One day, Arisa (who recently became the class president) shows up at his door with a HUGE cup/bowl thing of orange jelly (lolwhut). After that she keeps showing up day after day with things like notes or…something I can’t read without a dictionary haha until he gets seriously pissed.

Nice bananas faces!

Nice faces!

Manabe opens the door, injured, and tells her to stop. Arisa barges in instead and bandages him.

"It's not like I'm glad that you bandaged me or anything!"

"It's not like I'm glad that you bandaged me or anything!"

Right Manabe, riiiiight. Ah crap, another bug…

The tsundere Manabe goes on and asks Arisa for the day’s delivery, and it turns out that the class prez was planning to barge in to his apartment anyway. She pins up those pictures of the class on one of his walls so he wouldn’t forget them.

Manabe's such a tsundere guy.

Face it: the world is full of them.

After the above happens, Manabe looks at the pictures on his wall and notices that Arisa is always bright and friendly in all of them. He thinks that she doesn’t have anything to hide, which the girl denies. Everyone has secrets of their own, so why shouldn’t she?

I bet he was expecting her to pole dance. -shot-

I bet he was expecting her to pole dance. -shot-

As a way to bring Manabe to school, she tells him that he’ll understand her secret if he comes during King time. He comes, of course since he was expecting sex. After that, Shiori’s wish was granted, getting her umbrella back after she lost it in a bus (I don’t know how). Manabe glances at Arisa and she puts her finger to her mouth and winks at him.


As usual, everyone makes creepy faces. And as usual, Mariko makes the creepiest.

As usual, everyone makes creepy faces. And as usual, Mariko makes the creepiest.

A classmate’s desk, books, and notes are thrown out and everyone does their creepy face thing! Mariko should win an award. Manabe later talks to Arisa in the hall, where he says that what happened is just not right and also points Arisa as the King.

"It has nothing to do with you right?"

"It has nothing to do with you right?"

She does not deny it and instead tells Manabe off. The last flashback scene would be one where Manabe holds the guy…who’s still in the same position for who-knows-how-long (and his desk disappeared).

After the flashback ends, he goes on to tell Tsubasa that Arisa’s rampage continued and many people fell victim to her.

Manabe: “How did it feel to get the traitor card?”

Um, did you send it?

He says that he will find evidence that proves that Arisa is the King, and will definitely reveal her identity.

Now here’s the plot hole: Didn’t Manabe see Tsubasa without her wig (better yet, why the hell does Arisa have a wig for her own hair in the first place?) in that one chapter? I don’t understand.

Tsubasa goes home to Arisa’s room and looks everything until she finally touches her laptop. There is one file without a name (…you can do that?) and it needs a password. Tsubasa starts entering everything she could think of, from Arisa’s birthday (oh…that was last Saturday) to phone number to name to ARISA in katakana (okay, who actually uses these type of simple passwords?), then, it struck her.



She enters ousama in English…and in capslock as KING and the folder loads. In it contains records for the requests granted since the thing with the test, and even includes the test sheet. Tsubasa is in shock now knowing that Arisa is the King.

Apparently, after that incident, Tsubasa stopped coming to school and answering the phone. Midori is worried sick (y’know, if we made his hair in the front a liiiittle longer, he’ll look like Nappo!…oh wait, now that I think about it, it looks a lot like that guy from Cross Game) about her. Mariko is more worried that her best friend has been acting strange lately. Going against the King, forgetting things, and leaving early. Midori replies that it can’t be helped after the accident. Mariko is amazed that he trusts Arisa so much and Midori replies that he knows her more than anyone (he’s wrong) and loves her very much. After he leaves, Mariko rips off the phone strap that Tsubasa gave her (…Tsubasa did give it to her right?) and says that he doesn’t know her secret.

Scene skips to Tsubasa visiting Arisa in that rather empty hospital (…), then her lying in the grass. Takeru comes in and asks her if it is all right to not be in school right now since the wish is about to be chosen. Tsubasa doesn’t want to go knowing that Arisa was the King (dammit, I’m going to have nightmares about Burger King now). She wants to believe that the current King’s connection to Arisa is her secret, but she knows that this is just her imagination and she is scared to investigate the truth.

Takeru takes Tsubasa’s cell phone out of her pocket to check what the chosen request is, saying that it could hint to stuff about the King (my brain is melting again), it could help her little sister.

But, the current request is…

Please erase Sonoda Arisa.

'Please erase Sonoda Arisa.'

She frantically runs up to Arisa’s room (…in the still-empty hospital dammit) and…

I found the cord/usb that connects my camera to stuff a little before this...turns out that it's not gray as I thought it was, but gray. orz

I found the cord/usb that connects my camera to stuff a little before this...turns out that it's not gray as I thought it was, but black. orz At least I can upload the Kawaii-Kon pictures...not that it matters, that was in April. Didn't bother to scan this since my scanner is too small and I didn't want to scan one at a time and paste them together.

The ever-so-cliche scene with a hospital bed and the windows open and the wind blowing the curtains (gawd…how many times have I seen this?). At least it has the added roses. I have no idea how all of those were in the vase though. And…like hell I should know how whoever this is managed to drag a teenaged girl in a coma out of a hospital/clinic without getting noticed. P:

She makes her usual creepy face.

She makes her usual creepy face.

Turns out that Mariko has her in the class…WTF? D: And it ends in the usual cliffhanger.

I’m not betting on who the King is anymore. It could be Takeru for all we know. I don’t think it’s Mariko though, she worships the stupid King and it just isn’t um…right to worship yourself. Er…

It’s kinda late…erm, early now. I don’t feel like checking for typos or grammar errors (oh pfft), but at least I finally finished this post. 8D;

Note: I watermarked them (even though you can easily take it off) although with hesitation. For those of you who want to manga color it, just e-mail me or PM me on GW (yes you, my minions).

Gee…I sure am using the orz tag a lot aren’t I?



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  1. Haha. I knew it.
    What I meant was that, my guess was somewhat correct xD Still so clueless on who the King maybe. XP

    I’m not betting on who the King is anymore. It could be Takeru for all we know. I don’t think it’s Mariko though, she worships the stupid King and it just isn’t um…right to worship yourself. Er…

    I know right? I wonder why people fusses over who the King is when they all know that it won’t be revealed any sooner now.. =3=;;

    Anyways, this was a cute yet unexpectedly shocking chapter for me xD

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  3. i don’t about the king…
    can u tell to me about that…??

  4. Well, I read it until chapter 11.
    Really, this is the kind of thriller manga
    Also the second of Natsumi – sensei’s mystery series

  5. It’s in Chapter 20 something. The KING is Kudou Rei(well he’s King’s substitute but pretty colse.)

    • I haven’t been reading in a while, but it’s not.

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