Yumeiro Patissiere has an anime adaption!!

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I know, I know. ARISA post is uber late, I’ll hopefully get it posted by tomorrow, plus APH 20 and my summer schedule (which, by the way, is coming in parts). Haha, sorry.  Oh yeah, my Nakayoshi post too. orz (And I still have to organize this messy blog a bit.)

I’m just posting this because it’s a quick post. I am currently a very, very happy fangirl because…erm… *points to title* Actually, this was on my anime wishlist that I was planning to make. :3

yumeiro…Kinda wish I bought Ribon now. (It wasn’t there during the two straight days I visited Hakubundo.)

In my opinion, Yumeiro Patissiere is one of the better (current) Ribon titles. It does not have the stupid drama drama that made me facepalm in yes-that-other-manga-that-you-have-all-read-by-now-that-also-centers-around-cooking. Hurr hurr. Matsumoto Natsumi is very good at the storylines and not making me go, “WTF,” when it comes to her manga. Mind you, I am very, very critical when it comes to shoujo. This owns  I am not a big fan of her art. I tend to dislike the type with large eyes, small faces, and skinny sticks for arms that look wayy too stiff. (Aka I’m not a fan of Ciao-type art.) This is how much I love it. (St. Dragon Girl is also very enjoyable.)

I do see the problems with it though. The manga itself is only at Recette (recipe/chapter) 10. Oh boy. This means that there will in fact be fillers (I am fine with this since the manga moves quite slowly…unless it turns into Kirarin Revolution) and an altered storyline. Tanemura was told that Full Moon was getting an anime only at chapter 4. We know how that turned out.

(…By the way, this is airing in October. Oh. Crap. At least it makes the Fall more exciting. I’m anticipating two anime series for that season now.)

Another thing: the studio. I am scared that Toei will animate this (they most likely will). We all know how Mechamote Iinchou turned out with its hybrid animation 2D/3D thing. Hopefully, if they do animate this, they’ll learn from their mistake. Hahahaha…won’t happen. ._. Their animation is still crappy.

To be honest, I can’t think of a good studio for it minus Toei. I really can’t. I had a rundown of all the studios I know in my mind and cannot think of a perfect studio. 99.99999999999999999999999999999999999999% bet that it will be Toei. The rest will be to Sunrise. If you think you’re reading this wrong, yes, Sunrise. I’m only thinking of this one because they animated the Dinosaur King anime, which is a game from…Konami, I think. They did a pretty good job with it, although I was a bit annoyed at the 3D dinosaurs VS 2D animation.

Seiyuu-wise, I definitely see Saiga Mitsuki voicing at least one of the guys. This is not out of bias. Probably that French guy from chapter 1 that I already forgot the name of. Or the green-haired guy that I also forgot the name of. But, hopefully, Kashino Makoto (now this is out of bias), since I can see her voicing the French guy and the Kashino reminds me of the French guy (also because he’s my favorite…and will definitely get on my bishie list if he’s voiced by her…see my bias much?). Can’t think of anyone for Ichigo, though. Just can’t. I can’t really imagine her voice, so for now, anyone is fine (minus Horie Yui or Kugimiya Rie because their voices are a bit too high).

Ah, crap. This anime is most likely screwed.

Source: ANN



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  1. Huh, I’ve never heard of that manga before, I’ll have to check it out. Oh lawdy, 2D and 3D anime = DO NOT WANT.

    • Haha…you won’t find it anywhere Mimi dear. :/ (Unless you fork your money over to Shueisha.)
      I was thinking of scanlating this with AP, but I am missing some chapters, so…yeah.

      So much. D:

      • >: -broke and no idea where to buy the manga in Minnesota-

        awww, -sad-

  2. Shoujo from Ribon or Nakayoshi means I’m automatically interested, add in cooking of any sort (especially with pastries~) and that pretty much makes it a must watch.

    Unless, of course, that 3D shit happens again. That…totally sucked. I guess they thought the Mecha Motte Iinchou would only appeal to kids who didn’t care, but…god it really makes it impossible to look beyond anything but the crappy animation. I doubt anyone is learning from the mistake since apparently after episode 100 of Kirarin Revolution, they did the same thing before MMI. Bleh. But I won’t give up hope! Fillers can be dealt with, but not that 3D stuff.

    • I’m not too sure about what happened to Kirarin Revolution minus its fillers. But gosh that sucks.

      All we can do is hope…. >>; *sigh*

  3. I haven’t read this but I’ve heard of it from Ribon(it is from Ribon, right? :D). It’s shoujo so I’m intrigued so I might try and watch it.

    I just hope that it’ll be a good adaptation… we’ve been getting urgghh adaptations of shoujo manga lately(aka Gokujou Mecha Mote Iinchou) xD

    • It is from Ribon. xD;

      Well, it is Toei. >>; (The only shoujo that I love from them is an anime original.)

      B-but, we can rejoice, right? Since Kimi ni Todoke is being animated by Production I.G.!! (Oh yes. This is why I always love fall.)

      Btw, I’m adding you to my blogroll. :3

  4. […] adapted from a manga in Ribon has been announced for Fall. That manga is Yumeiro Patissiere and was brought to my attention by Kiseki (thank you for that btw~ even if I’m tortured by yet another series for Fall). Right away […]

  5. “Tanemura was told that Full Moon was getting an anime only at chapter 4. We know how [i]that[/i] turned out.”


    It was a masterpiece. I'm not the only one who thinks so.

  6. los patissiere son lo maximo ya que atraves de los dulces das felicidad

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